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Socks for Foot Burning

I have PA (diagnosed last June) and I use hydroxocobalamin 2 times a week. Of all the symptoms I had, only a chronic tiredness and a strong burning in my feet and legs remain. I have already used Lyrica, cymbalta and for the last month I have taken gabapentin + amitriptyline with a slight improvement in the burning feeling.

A podiatrist friend suggested that I wrap my legs with Opsite or Fixomul, a procedure she does with her patients with peripheral neuropathy. Searching a little about this on the internet, I found the article below and bought compressive stockings (3/4 Venosan ultraline 4000) and used them continuously in the last 2 days and Voilá! the burning has disappeared! Of course it's anecdotal and I just "cheated" my nerves by altering the type of sensation, but I was able to sleep better and I'm even thinking about reducing the dose of gabapentin.

So for those who have this desperate burning in their feet, I think they should try these socks ...


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Hi cquadros I too have "burning legs" over night and in the mornings even with a frame at the end of the bed to lift the duvet cover off my feet which often end up hanging out of bed altogether to cool them down.

I'm not sure whether it's the P.A. I've had for 46 years or the type 2 diabetes since 2015.

Thanks - I tried reading the article you posted but it is way too far above my understanding.


Hello Clive!

Basically they compared the use of compression stockings with two other non-medical treatments for burning pain in patients with peripheral diabetic neuropathy. They concluded the socks have the same benefits (less pain), are easier for patients to apply and are not prone to cause fungal infections.


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