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Vitamin D supplements having an unexpected but positive result

I posted last week about going to see the Doc because I had had my vitamin D levels tested privately and they had come back under 10. The Doc put me on loading doses and something very surprising happened.

For decades I have had a skin condition, with open sores appearing all over my body. None of my Docs seemed to know what it was, and I was sent for a skin biopsy before Christmas and have an appointment with a dermatologist in March to discuss the results.

Two days after starting the Vitamin D, I went for a shower and noticed that my skin wasn't bleeding! Two days after that, it was healing for the first time in a decade!

So, it would appear that my skin problems were caused by vitamin D deficiency all along. I guess I don't absorb much from my food/supplements due to the P.A. But why didn't the Docs check it? I also told them that I cover up in the sun, as I have P.L.E.

At this rate, by the time I get to the dermatologist, my skin will be pretty clear. I wonder what the biopsy results will show, if anything.

In the mean time, I'm loving not having to wash blood stained sheets and clothing every day. Happy days :)

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You may wish to learn more about how much Vitamin D you might take and what blood levels you should aim for - the situation is similar to PA, where most doctors do not know the optimum levels

Read more here:

* VitaminDWiki - see 80 health conditions in 50+ languages

* VitaminDCouncil - see: Health Conditions

* VitaminDAssociation - see: Events/Videos

* GreenVits - see the blog: How Much Vitamin D Do I Need ?

* GrassRootsHealth - download their "Call-To-D*Action"



Thanks for that. The Doc that I saw seemed pretty clued up on Vitamin D, as she had just been to a seminar on it. After the loading doses, the plan is to keep me on 800 units a day as a maintenance dose and to keep an eye on the levels.


So glad that you have had some positive results from treatment, Topazrat. Best take some photos quickly, or no-one in Dermatology will believe you !

Good to know also that finding the right treatment helped, even after decades !

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The dermatologist took some photos when I went in November, before the biopsy :)


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