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If you have read my previous post, then I will continue here. My B12 on December 13th was 178 and now after a month of sublingual dosing it is up to 452 !

Most of the sharp pains I was feeling in and around my knees has gone, I can now stand from sitting on the floor cross legged without using hands ( always difficult) and without pain! Still have bouts of numbness on my left thigh. No more ulcers or involuntary tongue or cheek biting. Even feel better, without that dread of getting up in the morning.

I have proved that the sublingual and spray does work. I was so excited with the b12 result I forgot to ask about the intrinsic factor test result, but I will get the printout on Monday.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Hi @jointpain it's good to read of how much improved your symptoms are with the "sublingual and spray" and it would suggest to me that you have no need for the Intrinsic Factor test results - but let us know when you do get them.

Please also ensure that you have a "healthy" level of Folate as this and the B12 you are supplementing helps your iron to make red blood cells and to function properly.


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