Finally a doctor that understands

I have a wonderful doctor. Even though blood test levels were high due to my taking b12 sublingual (over the counter), I was extremely tired and weak. She started my on b12 shots, starting to feel better but still not quite myself. First 2 injections are 2 weeks apart and than monthly along with my sublingual b12 . She told me that she will not be testing my b12 levels instead she will judge by how I feel for the frequency of shots.

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  • Glad you have found a doctor who understands. Hope you continue to improve

  • That's fantastic news. It seems like the message is beginning to trickle through to doctors very slowly. The PAS are doing a great job and we as patients need to pass on information to our GPs that we get through this forum. Thanks to those who keep posting the information here.

  • I am so pleased for you!

  • "I have a wonderful doctor"

    Great to hear someone say that. Makes me a bit wistful though.

    Are you in UK Rosa? I've become convinced that the chances of finding a B12 knowledgeable GP in the UK are virtually non-existent.

  • No I live in USA.

  • USA

  • What?!!! Lucky you!! Where's this doctor and how can I make an appointment to see him/ her?!!

  • U.S

  • My dr listened to how badly I was feeling and I explained how others in a pernicious anemia support group on Facebook had taught me so much about blood test results and getting enough b12 not just into our blood but into our cells.

  • i live in Anglesey North Wales and also have an excellent GP.( one of the younger generation of women GPS.

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