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I sometimes forget to take my daily Folic Acid ?


I self inject B12 every 2 weeks for the past year. Whilst my Folate is within good range I sometimes forget to take Folic Acid 400ug. So I might take it for 4 days out of 7 in a week. I’ve been taking Folate since starting injecting as it was given by GP. 5mg first then reduced to 400ug which I’m on now for a good while.

This happens quite regularly every week. My intention is to take it daily but I simply forget.

How much does this matter or affect the effectiveness of B12 since I self inject B12 every 2 weeks.

I’m concerned about not getting the full effect from the B12 injection if I miss it like this. (Is this true)

Should I strictly not miss it ?

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Hi Ryaan I wouldn't worry too much about the occasional missed dose. You may be able to source some Folate from your food as long as you can eat lots of leafy green vegetables etc.

You may also be surprised at how many breakfast foods are "fortified" with folic acid and I see Kelloggs are now advertising their "Special K" with both B9 and B12 added.

I'm not medically trained but have had P.A. for 46 years.

I wish you well.

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I only have injections every three months but if I miss folic acid for a couple of days I start to feel miserable and dizzy so I tend to stick to every day . My diet is not particularly rich in leafy greens so feel I need it. For you a few days a week might be enough.

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Ryaan, I really wouldn't worry about it unless you are aware that your symptoms seem to be coming back on the days when you miss a dose. It sounds as if you have adequate levels. It sounds as if your levels are good. folate is very responsive to daily in take and it doesn't sound as if there is any realistic expectation that you will become deficient as you just have a daily need for folate rather than any additional causes that can arise correcting problems (eg macrocytosis) whilst you were deficient, ie the real risk of deficiency is when you first start treatment, not during maintenance


It's often said that folate is not stored in the human body. That's wrong. About 5 to 20 mg (12.5 to 50 times your daily dose) is stored in your liver. howmed.net/pharmacology/fol...


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