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'It seems reasonable to offer B12 injections here but I have nothing to add re the frequency, beyond that there are not infrequent patients who get symptoms pre injection. There is clearly no biological explanation, however in the interests of maintaining a working relationship with the patient and the fact that B12 is completely non-toxic, it seems not unreasonable to offer more frequent injections such as 6-8 weekly. I am aware of a number of patients around the area who have these issues. I would be happy to support this, but doubt I can offer a satisfactory explanation to the patient.'

What was written by a Doctor from Gartnavel General Hospital in Glasgow to my GP. I have sent a copy of 'Could it be B12' to this Doctor and also to my GP. I hope they both get the opportunity to read this book and then review the patients they have and may be have not been treating.

I went for my own Vit B12 injection which has changed to every 6 weeks. The reaction of the Nurse was of confusion because of it being changed to 6 weeks instead of 12.

I hope when I actually get to see someone at Neurology they actually know about all the difficulties/problems/issues with this condition and related conditions!!!!

Having problems with claiming PIP benefit has also not helped. Over a year living on £125.05 per wk and just been awarded standard mobility before Christmas. So now an extra £22 per wk on top of that. At least I am not sleeping rough on streets or having to go to a foodbank.

I hope 2018 is good for yous and to yous!!!!

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Hi Panpal thanks for showing this.

I had been having cyanocobamalin B12 injections every four weeks for nearly forty years and had noticed a return of some neurological symptoms during the third and fourth weeks so used to "slip in" the odd three week appointment with the nurse who gave them.

I made the "mistake" on one occasion of saying "see you in three weeks" and she said she wouldn't be able to give me an injection then because my prescription said "Every four weeks" and she reported me to my doctor who "called me in"

He laughed at me when I said about my symptoms and said it couldn't be due to the P.A. because I was having the B12.

Six years ago I joined the P.A. Society and posed the question "Am I the only person in the world who feel the need for more frequent injections?" and was amazed by the response. NO! I was not alone.

I went back to my "one size fits all" doctor and long story-short I now have my injections every three weeks and my prescription reads "As instructed".

I wish you well too.


Thanks Clivealive.

I am fortunate that I have a GP who is trying to help especially when I see the responses of some other people's GPs and other Doctors.

Doctors particularly GPs are under too much pressure...7 to 10 minute appointments. How are they suppose to get to the root of people's illnesses in such limited time.

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