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Saw this and thought may be useful

I had advised someone to get their MMA (methylmalonic acid) and HCY (homocysteine) done at St Thomas's. Not having done it myself for ages I looked online and found this dated 12th December 2017 - sounds encouraging.


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Thanks for that Bluedragon . Interesting and useful .


I noted that it claiim that 70% of people with PA will show Intrinsic Factor Antibodies, surely this is far too high a figure... as far as has always been stated it is only around 50% accurate so how come it's suddenly 70% accurate?


Thanks Bluedragon, will keep my eye on that. I got my functional b12 def. diagnosed through their Active b12/MMA test. I emailed the Dr there no end of times with questions afterwards and he was more than helpful so this sounds brilliant...

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