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Blood Test - results


Apologies for the long long post

I have Diabetes type 2, Thyroidectomy, B12 deficiency, Calcium Deficiency. I constantly feel unwell with foggy brain, aches and pains and fatigue. Everything is always blamed on high blood sugars. They never seem to look past me being a diabetic which is frustrating. My sugars run at 11-12 they used to be 24 plus until I drastically overhauled my diet and reduced my FRUIT intake and sugars now are a steady 10-12 regardless if I have a good or bad food the  GP has said that that due to the auto immune diseases my pancreas has just given up so they are putting me on insulin, to be honest I'm happy to give it a go as hoping it does help especially with the fatigue.  I am on high blood pressure/cholesterol tablets this stem from 6 years ago when I was 3-4 stone heavier /smoked 20 cigs and ate takeaway, not had a bad reading in the last four years.

Sorry waffling a bit reason for the post is  to give a history and I had the following blood tests done and wanted an overview from the group.

I am currently on the following med

Type II Diabetes

= Metformin1000mg 1 x Am / 1 x Pm / Glipizide extended-release 30mg 3 x Am / Dapagliflozin 10mg 1 x daily  

Hypertension -

Propranolol 160mg 1 x tablet daily / Lortsan 100mg 1 x tablet daily /Amlodipine 5mg 1 x tablet daily 


=Simvastatin 40mg 1 x tablet daily 


= Levothyroxine NA 100mcg & 25mcg tablets1 x daily  

B12 Deficiency

= HYDROXOCOBALAMIN 1mg/1mL inj Every 12 weeks 


= Calcitriol 0.25mcg on Alternative Days / Sando-Cal 1000mg effervescent 

Test       Range          Result 

Calcium2.20 - 2.60                *2.12

Phosphate0.7-1.4                  *1.74 

LDL Chloesterol0.00 - 2.0       1.62

Total Chol/HDL ratio                 2.26

Adjusted Calcium2.20-2.60    *2.14

C-Reactive Protein0.3-5.0              5

Chloesterol0.0-4.0                         3.8

High Density Cholesterol                1.68

Triglyceride0.00-1.7                           1.1

Sodium133-146                                142

Potassium3.5-5.5                                  4.4

urea3.5-7.4                                             5.1

creatinine45-84                                         56

estimated GFR                                            >90

Alkaline phosphatase30-130                   74

albumin34-48                                               39

alanine transaminaseMay-40                      16

total Protein60-80                                          74

bilirubin0-22                                                  8

White blood Cells4.0 - 11.0                         6.8

red blood cells3.80-5.50                             4.6

haemoglobin115-165                               137

platelets150-400                                           315

ESR0-7                                                            *14

Fasting Glucose3.0-6.0                               *11.8

Serum Ferritin Assay07l-90                    16.4

Serum Vitamin B12 Assay150-900           564

Serum Folate Assay3.0-16                        *>18

Thanks for yout time

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You say that your doctor says your diabetes is autoimmune. Have you been tested for islet cell and GAD antibodies? The presence of these would indicate LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults). This is often called Type 1.5 diabetes as it's a mix of Type 1 and Type 2. Its treatment tends to differ slightly from Type 2. 

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Not yet the GP who said that was autoimmune was a Out of hours GP I seen for another ailment.  He mentioned those test but said it would be up to my GP to request them.  I am due to see them next Friday to begin on the insulin but I will ask for these tests, but would the treatment differ from being put on insulin?  Thanks for your reply :-)


I think the main difference is that they tend to use insulting n earlier with LADA.


When were the bloods done in relation to your last maintenance shots of B12 - the B12 results seem a bit on the low side for someone who is being treated for a B12 deficiency so may be an indication that 3 months is far to long for you to be waiting  between shots - to be honest I've yet to come across someone who gets to 3 months without a dip - no scientific basis for it as a treatment regime that I'm aware of and other countries like Germany follow monthly.

If you have neurological symptoms then it should be every 2 months but I'm betting any neuropathy is going to be blamed on diabetes and raising it as a potential cause is likely to get the response that it couldn't possibly be B12.

On the diabetes - if there is a strong family history of diabetes in family then it could be MODY - yes there are a lot more types of diabetes than just 1 and 2. MODY is caused by a dominant gene so if you have the gene you develop the diabetes - it's closer to type 1 than type 2 - there are a number of different variants and like LADA the forms tend to respond to different treatments from type 2.

My brother has gene - I don't - his diabetes was originally identified as type 2 and he had huge problems controlling his blood sugars until he was moved to a different regime.


Hi Due B12 end of May I agree I think I need it more often but they always put symptoms as down to Diabetes .  I have recently changed GP/Nurses so hopefully these are more understanding and listen to the patient rather than stick to the rule book!

Diabetes is strong on the paternal side. but only me with everything else most of which I think has been caused by medications supposedly to help but feel they have done as much harm as good :-(


You can find out about MODY here

It has been quite difficult getting my mother's B12 status recognised - think that was down to the metformin - and suspect with hindsight that my grandfather's problems later in life - dementia amongst other things - may have been down to 40 years on metformin.

My brother (thank goodness) isn't on metformin ... though he does seem to have a B12 problem - but I'm pretty sure that comes from my father's side of the family - just going on symptoms and other associate traits like premature greying and blue eyes.

Hope the new GP and nurse are better.

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