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Anti-Ro (Positive ENA)

Hi folks,

Well I'm still SI but not much has changed. Some improvement in mood, bowel problems and burning feet/legs.

I'm waiting for the results of an MRI but the blood tests results came back and show a positive ENA and Ro antibody.

From what I've found online this is associated with Lupus but only some of the symptoms cross over. (I don't have joint pain or the lupus rash) I have all the symptoms of PA and family history of it.

Anyone know if this could still indicate PA, or know anything else about it?

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Not aware that it can indicate PA - but if you have one auto-immune disorder it does increase the likelihood of developing other auto-immune disorders.

symptoms often overlap so unravelling what is caused by what can be quite difficult where this is the case.

I would suggest continuing SI as you say symtpoms do seem to improve which does imply some involvement of B12 in the mix.

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Thanks Gambit62 I'll continue with the SI and see what the rheumatologist says.


Agree with Gambit62; it should help not hinder case for PA that auto-immune problem/s exist. Glad to hear some of your symptoms improving.

Last week I finally met a consultant* who believes I'm doing exactly the right thing (self-injecting every other day since September) and that it takes time, and to continue, to persevere with treatment. Such a relief to hear it from the medical profession, instead of just knowing it to be true yourself in spite of tests or professional opinions to the contrary. He also believed that ALL the symptoms that I had presented were due to B12 deficiency.

If you and your friends and family can see evidence of improvement generally, it is probably a more reliable indicator of your condition than any blood test, don't you think ? Otherwise just a massive coincidence (?)

It's been a very long time for you, this search for help. In the absence of any contraindication, I would continue with what you are doing. It doesn't stop anyone finding any other problems.

Mine (currently!) are low iron level again, high MMA level still, osteoporosis, SIBO/ metabolic problem, salivary duct strictures and probably infected parotid saliva glands. The list is growing, yet still all symptoms improving in general - enough to be discussing a phased return to work after an absence of 16 months.... something's going terribly right !

* The consultant was from E.N.T. , perhaps an unlikely quarter in which to find support. Nevertheless I'll take it .

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