High hemaglobin

Hope someone can help me understand. Had blood test for pmr which thankfully I don’t have but hemaglobin results came back high and I now have to go for more bloods to check ferritin levels. I get my b12 injection every six weeks. Can this cause high hemaglobin or is it more likely to be something else?

Liver and kidney function are apparently okay but nurse couldn’t give me any explanation.

Can anyone help?

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  • No, B12 supplementation cannot cause high hemoglobin.

    B12 is involved in the making of new red cells because it is involved in the making of DNA (required for all cell reproduction). It has no involvement in the synthesis of hemaglobin.

    How high was your result? Don't forget that the 'normal' ranges are set to encompass 'most' people. Some will always fall above or below the range with their being no problem causing it.

  • High hemaglobin

  • Hi again Eaoz

    Just had phone call from doc and he said haemoglobin was 160. It’s not overly high but they just need to do some more tests.

    He also said that technically I no longer have pernicious anaemia as it is being treated. Not heard anyone put it that way before but he isn’t my usual doc.

    However, thanks again for your initial reply as it had put my mind at rest.

  • In which case I think you're female!

    160 g/L is just about at the top end of normal for females and well inside the normal range for males. Definitely nothing to worry about.

    Pernicious anemia is for life. There is no cure. If you had it once you will have it for ever (until some new gene therapy arrives to fix it). Saying you no longer have it because it's being treated is like telling a diabetic that they no longer have diabetes because they take insulin.

  • Yes, I am female aged 69. I found it hard not to laugh when the doc commented on PA. he is a locum at our practice and sounds youngish. Everything he said began with “technically “. I will be interested to see what my next blood results will be.

    Thanks again.

  • technically you may not have a b12 deficiency any more if by that your GP means that your serum B12 levels are high - but that doesn't mean that your cells are getting enough B12.

    Pernicious anaemia if used meaning an auto-immune disorder in which your body attacks the mechanisms that allow you to absorb B12 can't be cured - you can only treat the effects, eg B12 deficiency.

    Doctor is basically either very lose in use of terms, or confused as to how Pernicious Anaemia really works ... take your pick

  • What he said was technically I no longer have the anaemia part of pernicious any longer as it is being treated.

    He also said that technically my hemoglobin is on the high side but if they test it again it may go back to normal.

    I will have the blood test on Monday but will wait until I can get an appointment with my own doctor who talks more sense and discuss it with him as I don’t think the locum is very au fait with PA or much else come to think of it.

    Thank you all for your usual helpfulness. You make bad days come good😁

  • Ah!

    Yes, it's a shame that they named it after the anemia, which is just a symptom that isn't necessarily present in all cases of PA.

    Quite a few docs seem to think that an absence of macrocytic anemia totally rules out the possibility of PA.

  • Thank you for replying Eaoz. Not sure what level was but one of the practice docs is going to phone me this afternoon so I will ask him then. Sometimes it’s difficut to get answers when you speak to the girls who give results. When I get the results I will post. Thanks again.

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