High B12

My B12 has been high since year 2014 after a tick bite... they gave me antibiotics and it dropped from June level of 1480 to August level of 689 then after that it's been so high 1706. They've done a complete Blood count with Diff, Erythrocytes sedimentation, alt, ast, hepatitis and everything is normal, I have an ultrasound to check my liver on the 15th and I'm being referred to a specialist... one Dr says it's normal to have high B12 rather then low but then I have another Dr who says it's very abnormal. I am concern that maybe not now but later can turn into a big problem. I don't drink alcohol but I also don't really drink water and I research that can be a problem but Drs think it's not....

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  • I'm sure you do drink water. It may have other stuff in it, but your body can't tell if you drink pure water or water with stuff in it.

    High B12 can have many causes, but it sounds like it's being investigated.

  • And your right... I do juice and started 3 weeks and never felt better in my life except my b12 level being high and some visual changes

  • Hi Trevie73

    Am interested in knowing what visual changes you're referring to?

  • I've had blurred vision and have something white on the Iris which is in my eye which has continue to get worse, I have an appointment on the 28th but I also noticed memory change... Dr says it's my age but I don't think so.

  • Don't let useless and uncaring GP fob you off. Don't feel intimidated by their unwillingness to help you. Fight for your right to treatment and better health. All GPS are interested in is their fat pay packets. Good luck.

  • Thank you soo... much!!!

  • And also needing glasses as well

  • Hi,

    As you mentioned a tick bite, has lyme disease definitely been ruled out plus common co-infections?

    UK lyme websites



    I am not a medic just a person who has struggled to get a diagnosis.

  • Yes they checked me for Lyme disease twice that's why they had me on so much antibiotics one Dr guaranteed Lyme disease but he was wrong ... it was negative both times. I don't recall what else they checked me because they did so much blood work but all was clear... it was scary though cuz I had horrible symptoms

  • Something I haven't tried is being on a vegan diet or taking vitamin c or potassium while eating meats that have b12. I know many meats have b12.... has anyone try to be on a vegan died? The dr stated to me to have a glass of wine but I don't drink alcohol. I am one person who really don't drink enough water. I can drink 2 glasses of natural juices I make a day and I heard that the water helps flush out a lot of the b12 of the foods we eat.., I need to drink water not only my juices. Does anyone lack water?

  • I meant vegan diet....

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