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Is this normal?

So the doctors asked for a PA test done and the labs automatically redone my serum vitamin b12 but no PA result has been recieved. Has anyone else had this, its been a week apart from each blood test the first one was 156 and the next one barely a week later is 214? When I asked the doctor why such a difference in a week he couldn't tell me. What I find weird is it usual for them to automatically redo my serum b12 with a Intrisic Factor Test, or have they done the wrong test or is it their not doing the test now because miraculously its gone up within a week and now classed as no deficiency. The GP definitely asked for a IF test not a serum vitamin b12 test as I saw it on the blood request form I took to the hospital where I got my bloods done? He also stated that my sister has PA and I have had similar symptoms to her and my recent result of 156 and ferritin 8. Its so annoying as now I think I will be in worse position to get them to do anything to help diagnose me. I have been left with a ferritin level of below 10 for years now as Iron supplementation did nothing, yet it looks like I am sat borderline on everything else so its always a wait and see. However my symptoms are getting worse, :( I feel like just forking out a small fortune on private tests at the Nuffield. Anyone had any luck with this. Why are they so reluctant to do IF tests are they expensive?

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The IF test isn't all that reliable, but they should still do it, especially since your sister has PA and you're symptomatic.

I'm just a patient, but I had similar results to you - low ferritin, in range but still low B12, but I did eventually get treatment by sending these letters to my GP - there might be something in there that you can use! healthunlocked.com/pasoc/po...

Good luck. xx


It does sound as if the lab did the wrong test.

The difference in B12 serum results isn't material - it is within the noise range that you could get by repeating the test with the same sample.


Hi lc24

I'm pretty new here too, but it occurred to me to ask how long ago you had the IF test? It's because I had one done on 14th Nov, and I'm still waiting for the result. I had my B12 and Active B12 redone on the same day along with lots of other tests and they have all come back in. I asked at the GP surgery, they said it sometimes takes two weeks to come back.

Hopefully this is the case for you!


Please go back to your surgery and ask the doctor's secretary to chase it for you. I work for a doctor and it is a 24 hour turn around on all blood tests. Two weeks is ridiculous.


Really Cath-britton? I’ve been calling each day, and actually spoke to my GP yesterday. He said this particular test takes longer?


Bloody hell, that's so bad. Hope you here soon.


The Intrinsic Factor test does take longer. It often has to be sent to another hospital as not all have the facilities to do the test. It is not unusual for it to take two weeks or more for the results to come back.

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