Toes and feet cramping

My toes and feet cramp all the time, I can do this at will as a party trick (not painful they are numb) is this the result of being low B12 for many years, is this peripheral neuropathy? My toes and back of toes towards foot arch are numb. I have been high dose supplimenting for 4 weeks now but no change in my feet. I am having difficulty getting injections because of showing high blood B12 and folate is 17. Thank you for your help xX

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  • I know how you feel as I have the exact same problems. I was even walking around with a discolated toe for over 2 years and due too numb feet couldn't feel any pain at all. Mine is long term nerve damage and even after taking b12 for three years it is not going to get any better.

  • I am sorry Penni :0( I have had numb toes and feet for 2 years but become I could not feel them I did not realise anything was up. Just thought weird that no shoes feel comfortable anymore unless they are my slippers. I also cannot walk bare footed so have to have something on my feet...The cramped toes and feet look painful but it does not hurt at all!

  • Again I havethe same problem, socks have been a huge issue but switched to the softer lounge type socks and these work. Have switched my very much loved DM's for cheaper "UGG" type boots a sizer bigger and these again are ok for short amounts of time but now have a wheelchair if out for long periods of time if walking is involved.

  • Ah! Penni I have Uggs too :0) I cannot wear heels at all since this foot trouble.

  • I couldn't wear heals before all this so have no hope now. LOL

  • Made me giggle! :0)

  • I get leg cramps while walking and my b12 level was only a few points below normal range. It's gotten even worse since I was also diagnosed with Iron and B9 deficiency as well. I think numbness happens when you've had b12 deficiency for an extended period of time, I would recommend asking your GP for referral to a neurologist.

  • Hi Loomis I am having no luck with my GP at all :0( I am seeing an endo end of this month, and have to wait for 3 months for an appointment with hematologist as my b12 levels are high (I have been supplimenting). Is it a neurologist I need to see? my GP did not know who I needed to see.

  • I would assume numbness is down to nerve damage, so a neurologist would be able to see what's wrong. Could also be another deficiency, or the numbness could be down to another issue. Neurologists would be able to see if any damage to the nerves has been sustained.

  • Thank you, I will ask doctor.

  • I’ve been to the surgical appliances department of my hospital for special insoles. I have a dropped metatarsal head which makes walking very painful. But the numbness is there most of the time. I’ve been sent to physiotherapy too, and they are referring back to surgical appliances. Watch this space, if I find anything that really works I will post about it.

    P.s. a friend has done some reflexology on my feet, and that certainly provided some temporary help.

  • I agree with loomis, you should ask for a referral to a neurologist if you have numbness in your feet. I had (and still have to some extent) numbness, along with lots of other classic B12 deficiency symptoms but my GP refused to consider it as my levels were "normal" (he never actually showed me the figures and I still don't know what they were). My response to that was "well why can't I feel my feet?!" He referred me to a neurologist who listened to me and immediately arranged an IF Antibodies test, which fortunately for me came back positive. I had never even heard of that test and my GP had never offered it, so if I hadn't seen the neuro I most likely would still be without the injections I need. Get yourself a referral and ask for an IF antibody test along with anything else the neurologist wants to investigate.

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