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Hi all.

I was diagnosed b12 deficient in 2013 even though I had part of my lower bowel removed in 1999 .

I won't bore you with the lonnnnng process of symptoms in between.

I SI every week and 12weekly from GP, my recent problem is dizziness which is very severe. I've been given prochlorperazine tables, does anyone know if these will interfere with b12?

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No idea about the medication, sorry. But one of my symptoms of low B12 is dizziness. When I'm 'topped up' with B12, I'm rarely dizzy. I need to self-inject between my GP surgery injections - I don't find them enough. Your dizziness may be something else entirely, of course, just wanted to share that mine is definitely B12 related

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has your GP done anything about finding out the cause of the dizziness?

I can't find anything to indicate that prochlorperazine and B12 interact but you could double check this with a pharmacist.

I'm have bloods done Friday.

I'll check with chemist as I've been violently sick today.

May be nothing but I'll check it out x

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