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New blood results

Hi all,

Sorry for yet another (long) post but just don't know what is going on!

After IF & parietal cells antibody came back negative I asked GP to check holotranscobalamin, red blood cell folate, MMA, homocysteine, tTg IgA, total IgA and test for h pylori. I should have known that things wouldn't go to plan when I had to spell everything out for GP! Anyway I went yesterday, 2 x nurses & 1 x GP registrar hadn't a clue what i was asking for or if available on NHS so they just took an arm full of blood!

The results have changed from 11 October and are as follows: I will put 11 Octobers results in brackets:

Serum folate 3.2 ng/mL (5.2) range 3.3-9999

Total white cell 4.2 10*9/L (5) range (4-11)

Haemoglobin estimation 134 g/L (137) range 115-165

Platelet 234 10*9/L (258) range 150-400

RBC 4.43 10*12/L (4.6) range 3.8-5.8

Haematocrit 0.4 1/1 (0.42) range 0.37-0.47

MCV 89.8 fL (91.3) range 80-100

MCH 30.2 pg (29.8) range 27-32

MCHC 337g/L (326) range 320-360

Red cell dist width 11.9% (12.5) range 11-14.8

White cell count all 10*9/L:

Neutrophil 2.6 (2.9) range 1.7-7.5

Lymphocyte 1 3 (1.7) range 1.5-4.5

Monocyte 0.2 (0.3) range 0.2-0.8

Eosinophil 0.1 (0) range 0-0.4

Basophil 0 (0) range 0-0.1

Tissue transglutaminase IgA 0.2 u/mL range 0-10

Ferritin on 11 October 14.7 range 13-300

B12 on 11 October 172 range 190-910

I know b12 low and now folate outside of range too and ferritin low end of normal.

Anyone know what is going on? Why has folate fallen and lymphocytes ?infection but haven't got cold or anything. Found a lump in my breast so awaiting a 2ww appt for that next week.

Still need to do stool sample for h pylori.

Thanks in advance.

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folate is very responsive to what you have eaten but if you have an absorption problem that has affected B12 then it is also likely that it will affect iron and folate so your gut just isn't as efficient as it was at extracting nutrients from your food.

can't comment on the lymphocytes

hope 2ww appt goes well next week.

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Thank you.

Last time folate was just in range and this time outside, probably because I went fasted for this set of bloods!


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