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Allergic Reaction?

Hi Again,

So tomorrow I am going to the Dr as it looks like I have PA. He will send me for more bloods etc etc.

My concern is when I take magnesium, in any format, I have a allergic reaction, my eyes itch, my chest gets really tight, I cough and wheeze, I feel panicked, I break out in Hives etc etc.

If I have to have B12 injections could this happen to me? Just silently freaking out.... :(


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I am afraid there are never any guarantees about reactions.

Allergic reactions to B12 are very, very rare

Sensitivity reactions aren't the norm but they do happen and some people do struggle with, for example, acne - which is generally a reaction caused by the microbes that live on your skin to the B12. Most find that this gets better over time but for a few it can be a regular side effect of the shots but the upside is that general health improves and you do have a lot more energy and some genuinely do see it is a small price to pay.

People do also find that aches and pains can increase for a while after they start injections.

Your shot will be done by trained staff so if something happens you will be in the right place to get attention

Unfortunately the only certainty is that lack of B12 will kill you and it will be a slow and very unpleasant process so you really do need to take the B12 shots.

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Anything that makes me feel better I will do....just a bit anxious....thank you 😊

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anxiety may well be worse because of the B12 deficiency - so hope you feel better soon - though it can take a while for the effects to kick in.


Thank you! Me too!

Can it be the reason I am unable too loose weight?

I deffo have high anxiety at the moment and I'm so angry all the time.

So I assume my DR will prescribe me more blood tests...does it take time then after the first injections? It's not a 'immediate' fix?

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with most things B12 its a case of try it and see - some people do feel a lot better very quickly but for some it takes a long time and there is no guarantee that the standard regime will work for you (or you will have a GP that is prepared to vary from the standard regime).


I think my DR is going to tell me I'm fine because I'm in range. That's what he did with my thyroid. I've no idea what I do if that happens....cross the bridge tommrow I guess. Thanx for helping me. Appreciated 😊


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