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HBP. Allergic to all meds!

Hi my name is Jackie and I really need anyones help for my high blood pressure. I am allergic to every pill they have given me. I see a cardiologist and just saw my new primary doctor today who is 100% better than my last one. I crushed my T8 vertebrae in March and my bp was fine in April. I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia just a couple months ago. It's my bottom blood pressure that is constantly over hundred that's bothering me. I need some natural way to bring it down since all medications have terrible allergic reactions or side effects. I am waiting on my new primary doctor and a specialist for the high blood pressure but I wake up every night if I lay on the couch with terrible chest pain and anxiety. My new primary doctor said that was from the high blood pressure. I also do not metabolize pills correctly. They instantly metabolize which is not good. I also have an ascending aortic aneurysm. So this worries me with my blood pressure being like this. I've looked up all the foods to help,I need some help because these doctors are too slow at finding something to help me. Thank you ahead of time! PS. I do have a stress test scheduled for this Friday. We will see if that Brings any results of clogged arteries. But if not I need to get this blood pressure under control.

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The only thing I can think of that might help and isn't medication is meditation. Moderate exercise can also help.

Have you tried posting on one of the fora that deals with blood pressure specifically - if you go to my communities and select browse communities you can try searching on blood pressure and see what comes up.

have you warn a measure during the day - some people suffer from white coat syndrome - meaning that their pressure is elevated when measured by a medic but can be okay at other times .... think its unlikely that you haven't been through that sort of a check but just mentioning in case


Thank you for your reply. Yes I have thought of meditation I have been hypnotized twice and the third time I think I'll go more for my high blood pressure. But I have been hypnotized to reduce the stress. I am going to start exercising. I broke my back and then I broke my foot. I was walking as much as six times a week so hopefully the exercise will help. I did go onto the high blood pressure forum but have not received any replies on that yet. After the first of the year I plan on getting into some classes like yoga and an exercise class with other people. I have not worn a measure I do have a blood pressure machine at home and I don't think they read correctly but it is still usually High. It is higher when I go into the office only because I want to be helped so badly and I never get answers so the anticipation makes my blood pressure go up. Hopefully my new primary doctor can help me with this or the main part of my stress of this year is gone


Raised blood pressure can be a symptom of something else going on in the body.

Low iron - Low folate - low thyroid - low magnesium. A particular part of the heart has more receptors for magnesium than any other part of the body. Most people are low.

The Magnesium Miracle - by Carolyn Dean is an excellent read. Sometimes blood pressure rises when the arterial walls are stiff - magnesium will help to relax them.

Also beetroot juice 😊


BP will vary a lot throughout the day and I found it more helpful to check my own as it is always sky high in the surgery! I use an Omron (surgeries use this brand) wrist monitor and find it very accurate.

I try to stay off medication now and, like you, aim to reduce stress, take regular exercise as well as eat plenty of celery, beetroot etc. Magnesium and potassium (though be careful not to overdose) should also help bring BP down.

I personally find very deep breathing helps and also take various herbal supplements, one of which is a combination of garlic, olive leaf and hawthorn, but would recommend finding a good herbalist before treatment with other herbs as many are very potent if not used with care.


Thank you! I was just going to try the garlic cloves. I seen if you roasted 6 garlic cloves it made a difference in a lot of things within 24 hours. My husband will probably stay away from me for the rest of my life, LOL but hopefully that doesn't happen. Usually garlic doesn't stay with me like it stays with him. I don't want to be on medication at all and actually they've tried me on 10 or 15 of them and I can't take them anyway. Thank you for the help on this subject I really appreciate it!


😀 Parsley is supposed to reduce garlic breath.

I found the medication all had side effects (horrible anxiety, agoraphobia and depression) but, if you have to take it, Losartan is reported by pharmacists to have the least.


Thank you!'I tried Losartan but causes breathing problems with me. I will be surprised if they find a hbp pill I can tolerate. So I hope the natural way works for me. I will remember the parsley!


Thanks for your reply! Since I also have pernicious anemia all of those have been checked out. I do not have low iron I do not have low blood cells I do not have low magnesium or folate or anything else. I just have low vitamin D low vitamin B12 and that's it and I have been raising those in this last month because of a B12 methyl spray and in four weeks it raised my B 12 by 4 times the amount and it raised my vitamin D by 50%. I'm thinking it may be related to the Pernicious anemia but I have a stress test on Friday so we will see if there's anything there. It could all be inherited because of a family of 9 everyone has high blood pressure except for one


Are you on B12 injections? I found my blood pressure dropped after starting injections.

I also supplement with folic acid but if I get too much it feels like my blood pressure has gone up with thumping in my ears whenever I move my head.

What allergic reaction symptoms are you actually having?


I am not on B12 injections because the Garden of Life B12 mouth spray raised my B12 level from 105 to 433 in 4 weeks. So I don't need the injections. I'm a little bit apprehensive of the injections anyway because I'm allergic to so much and the ingredients in the injection is not the same as the mouth spray. I cannot use any of the synthetic kinds of B12. My folic acid level is fine. The usual reactions I get are either breathing problems or severe pain in my stomach. I have this feeling as my B12 level keeps going up my blood pressure will keep going down. Hopefully.


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