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Advise on B12 deficiency


I have hypothyroidism (Hashimotos) and through discussing this I have been advised to post on this forum before self supplementing. My B12 is on the low end of normal and I appear to be symptomatic for B12 deficiency. I would like your thoughts and advise please.

My B12 is 267ng/L (145-914)

My other Vit levels are also on the low end of normal (Vit D, Ferritin and Folate), which I am addressing.

Regards Sandra

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unless you have seen B12 levels consistently dropping over time I would suggest resolving things that clearly are deficient and coming back to B12 if that doesn't resolve things. The symptoms of folate deficiency and iron deficiency ... and vitamin D deficiency all overlap considerably with B12.

Are you treating yourself or are you working with a GP?

If you have an absorption problem then there is no guarantee that oral will work but using oral can severely impact on interpreting any further tests to clarify the situation with B12 in the future and could make getting a proper diagnosis and correct treatment (which would be loading doses followed by regular maintenance doses) extremely difficult.


Thank you, i will do that.

I am under a doctor, however it’s so hard when your levels are in the normal range but you are symptomatic, to get any advice.

Regards. Sandra


Also try veganism.. honestly it will do wonders to your thyroid

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