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B12 deficiency SOLUTIONS?

Hi all

There are many of us writing about low or deficiency in VitaminB12 however very few feedbacks on solutions. Besides the injections and perhaps acupuncture (I did get this course on Groupon and 9 sessions did help with my circulations and hence energy levels but not for the long term).

I haven't seen any further alternatives; perhaps a particular supplement that temporarily helped?

Please let me know what you've tired and may have worked; even a little bit.


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Think it depends on what you want it to help you with, and to what level of 'debilitation' you are able to tolerate.

For me, i use a boost spray if im just feeling tired during the day. If i get to the point where my words get muddled then i use methyl dropper under tongue, tried tablets but the made my mouth sorer than it already was. If i get headaches that wont go away with paracetamol and pins and needles which last more than a day or tingling tongue which persists then i will more than likely self inject.

When i was first diagnosed and trying to get my gp to do something! I began using multi b patches, they worked well for me but others say they are a waste of money.

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Please take a look through posts on this community.

there are a number of ways of administering B12 (which is the only cure for a B12 deficiency) that are mentioned regularly - as per Lisahelen.


Pure Science 5000mcg B12 patches (from Amazon) worn behind the ear work for me, but I use more than the recommended dose πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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