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Low pulse ox and B12?

Has anyone experienced low pulse ox (93-95%) and high MCH over 33 before treatment?

I know most people don't have the kit, but after having mine tested multiple times a couple of years ago whilst having 2 operations in hospital it was consistently low while at rest, then would go to 95-97 if I breathed heavily for a minute so I could get enough in if I needed to.

Since I started with the neurological symptoms of b12 deficiency I wondered if this was still the case and if it might be related to the "sighs" reported as pa symptoms so I bought a machine (only £14) and am still 93-95 at rest watching tv, with no sighs.

My GP is focussing on the level as being symptomatic of some underlying heart defect as I seem to know a lot more about b12 than she does, but is negotiating with the practice to trial cobalamin injections to see if that is the cause of the Neuro & fatigue. I'll update once I start the trial and will monitor the pulse ox.

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After a decade of tiredness, pain and foggy thinking I found that B12 helped me.

My wife has been experiencing tiredness, cramps, palpitations, breathlessness and low oxygen levels. When it was bad her oxygen would dip to the high 80s or low 90s, than her heart would race and it would go back up. As I had lots of bottles of B12 lying around I got her to try B12 too.

So far her symptoms are much improved and she hasn't gone down with pleurisy, no dizziness or palpitations. Her oxygen levels seem much better.

So it could be due to B12.



Had my meeting with GP yesterday and she was going to commence injections after consulting her boss. BUT telephone call today she has perused all my evidence document's as above, and decided to ignore them, not treat me, not test me further and refer me to a neurologist because my Neuro symptoms are degenerative. Well yeah-that's why they should be treating me now!!!!

What are these clowns on?

Now had to pay for MMA, homocysteine, holotranscobalamin at St Thomas and wait up to 2/3 more weeks for bloodletting and assay!

God only knows if anyone in the NHS is interested. I really wonder if there is some sort of financial edict going on here. Look at what happened to Dr Chandy in the north east.

Meanwhile can't even use sub lingual methyl as anything may skew the results!!! I'll be trying those as soon as my bloods have been taken as there won't be any more.

I've asked her to commence treatment if the b12 assay shows I'm deficient. That will be the next fight.


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