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Are these results ok

Had new bloods done at the GP's he said these are very good. Told him I've been taking supplements for years and he just said keep taking them !

B12. 245ng/L. (145-914)

Folate 5.87 ug/L. ( 3.00-20.00)


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Are you without any neurological symptoms now then Spellweaver1312?

No im not at all. I feel so ill all of the time

Click on the link in Gambit62s reply to see what the symptoms of B12 deficiency are.

Perhaps if you make a list of them and show it to your doctor he/she may agree to give you a trial of B12 injections.

Thank you. I'm going to print it off and take it with me to the doctor. I have so many of the symptoms on that list

You could also mention the BSH guidelines which say "In the presence of discordance between the test result and strong clinical features of deficiency, treatment should not be delayed to avoid neurological impairment".


Ask him to look them up.

I'm not sure I'd necessarily say they were very good but they are certainly both in range and the B12 is quite well in to range.

Where are you symptom wise in relation to B12


I have an awful lot of symptoms on this list I didn't realise.



Shoulder bumps


Brain fog



Tingling and numbness in three fingers on my left hand dr said it was probably a trapped nerve

Sleep disturbances dr sent me for sleep apnea tests, all negative

Total exhaustion


I've just looked at the list three times and I've forgotten again the dr said my poor memory is because I take statins

Oh I've just been diagnosed with erosive gastritis after having an endoscopy

So shall I just keep on with the same tablets I've taken for the last five years and hope it improves or see my doctor again? At the moment he is saying I have anxiety and is not interested, but everyday is a total struggle


couple of things to try

a) write to GP with list of symptoms and, if you are UK based - refer them to the BCSH guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of cobalamin and folate deficiency which they can find on the BNF but you can find here


(except it seems to be down for maintenance for part of the weekend)

particularly the following

- serum B12 used as a single measure will miss 25% of people who have B12 deficiency and pick up 5% who don't

- if there is a discordance between symptoms and test results - they should go with the test results - particularly if there are neurological symptoms (which would include the vertigo and the numbness

- the gastritis is likely to be affecting your ability to absorb B12

b) follow up with an appointment and take a friend/relative with you to help you as communicating is probably quite difficult at the moment.

what is the strength of the tablets you are taking - if they are 50mcg and you have an absorption problem they are unlikely to affect anything?

Yes they are 50 ug so I may as well not take these anymore right ? Also taking 400ug folic acid

I'm really confused because these were results from a test I had done through the doctor. I had already done some through blue horizon because originally the dr was unwilling to test so I basically had two lots done within a week. Literally have just got the blue horizon ones back they don't seem to agree with each other

What are the BH results?

Folate levels can change over short periods due to changes in the amounts ingested.

The serum B12 test can give results that vary by about 15%, even on the same sample. So a value around 220-260 can be t rated as the same as 245.

the tests may also be in different units - pmol/L which would give different ranges- very different for folate -

Spellweaver- could you post both sets of results?

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I did take a photo of the test results but I can't remember how I posted a photo last time. Do I need to write them out ?

Sorry to be a pain. I can only add a photo if I do a new post. So will do that

click on the edit button next to the follow on your original post and you can add photo there

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