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I have my B12 jabs every 12 weeks and my doc says my blood results are ok and generally I'm doing ok, but I still get one or two days a weeks randomly when I get tired easily just doing everyday things. Doc has ruled out other problems. Anything I can do about this or is just a part of having PA?

A friend suggested a daily folic acid tablet might help with the energy, anyone know if this would help?


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  • I'm the same I get days where I'm knackered I take folic acid tablets and don't find it makes any difference to be honest

  • Thanks for replying, Doc says its part of having PA. Tried b12 sublingual drops but they didn't do anything... might give the folic acid a try, at a loss as what to try next now.

  • I use better you b12 spray and that works for me . My prescription folic acid ran out a week ago but take berocca everyday as that has some folic acid and some other vitamins in . Also planning on taking a folic acid supermarket cheap ones once I have 3 monthly jab for about a week to hopefully keep levels up.

  • thanks, I use a a b12 spray too, not sure how much it helps though. Going to try and eat more foods with folic in them, see if that helps.

  • Have definitely been eating more greens , well more than none was always going to be easy, also eat some nuts and raisins, at least one banana a day and yogurt not sure if actually helps with symptoms but I guess my diet is a lot better and definitely think it does stop me getting so many rubbish days but I'm not one of experts just waiting for first 3 monthly after loading but seem to be getting to it without a big crash .

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