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Making going Gluten Free easy

Not sure if this is allowed, so forgive me if it isn't. I have known for a long time that I would be better off with a gluten free diet, but I have a weakness; I can't resist the occasional fresh crusty loaf. I've tried quite a lot of the supermarket offerings but haven't been impressed. Recently, I came across a new company who make gluten free, dairy, free and sugar free bread and bakery mixes. They are made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or anything nasty and the lady who has created them has tried to stay away from using flours that contain no nutritional value.The bread I have tried has been brilliant. I particularly like the bread made with chestnut flour. It has a delicicious flavour. Eating that I have no problem craving decent fresh bread anymore. The website is temptyou.co.uk, I wanted to share it, because some of you may be in the same boat as me, and I want to support anyone who is trying to cater for people like me and give us some decent food options. If I'm breaking the t&cs, I'm sorry, but this lady deserves a plug.

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Thanks - the bread looks delicious.

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Fine with me to share though a bit off topic.

Would like to point out that going gluten free is only going to help if you have a gluten intolerance - which I recognise may not be easy to get a diagnosis for.

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I was so glad to be told that my neuropathy wasn't caused by gluten - because no neuropathy is. I'd spent six weeks gluten-free and it was dreadful. I was very happy to leave the ranks of the modern hair-shirt wearers


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