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Sucralose and cobalamin

I had just looked at PubMed for something else and noticed mention of sucralose. (Quoting Wiki: “Common brand names of sucralose-based sweeteners are Splenda, Zerocal, Sukrana, SucraPlus, Candys, Cukren, and Nevella. Canderel Yellow also contains sucralose, but the original Canderel and Green Canderel do not.”)

The conclusion:

There is a possibility that such reactions, in vivo, may affect the cobalamin levels, analogous to that discussed with exposure to epoxides and nitrous oxide.

As a search showed no previous mention of sucralose in this forum, I suspect it might have escaped attention. Opinions and assessments appreciated.

Full paper freely available here:

PubMed entry here:

I originally posted the wrong PubMed link:


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Nitrous oxide is a problem because the reaction with cobalamin is irreversible.

The enzyme that removes methyl and adenosyl groups from cobalamin is also very good at removing other alkyl groups, so there's a good possibility that it would be able to do the same with the sucralose group, making the reaction reversible.


Some B12 supplements themselves contain sucralose. Which might not be ideal.


Thank you all re the B12I mentioned I was on it for years no reactions it was a remarkable recovery from my symptoms due to early diagnosis about four years ago told I had sufficient build up so stopped it. A few months ago symptoms returned so started taking it again but seem to have developed some sort of sensitivity so switched it could be possible the stuff has a different format to the previous injections.All this chemistry makes my head whirl is everyone retaining all this or reading from the literature?I am just happy to have seemingly solved my problem so far .I suffer from RLS very severely and all that entails it is difficult to sort out what ails and what does not.


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