B12 and intestinal parasites

Tried to search this site for any info on a possible connection between B12 deficiency and intestinal parasites, but couldn't find anything. Apologies if this is obvious to this group.

The following are just a mishmash of info that I've come across re B12 and issues caused by parasites.

Came across a particular study where a certain parasite consumes upto 80% of the host's B12 (reference: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...).

There's also an interesting post over at the Facebook PA group, where a woman being treated for B12 deficiency, claims that her health improved after clearing out most parasites. (Note it's a closed group, you need to just join first: facebook.com/groups/PAB12DS...).

According to the book Guess What Came to Dinner?: Parasites and Your Health, it mentions that somebody may experience symptoms like fatigue, psychological problems, also disruption to B12, and so on.

Interested in your thoughts, or any personal experiences.

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  • Have a look on the old PAS forum. There were a couple of cases on there of fish tapeworms causing B12 deficiency.

  • There is a lot on the old PAS forum:



    Bruce had a problem with tape worm which was quickly treated see:


  • Thanks for posting marre. Bruce seems to be an amazing character. Is he still on the boards?

  • I would not know, those that were on the old PAS forum may have not returned here and there are different options where people return to. Yes I thought Bruce was lovely! Marre.

  • Yes, it's true. I have a friend in Rome ,who worked in a posh hotel. She was allowed to eat whatever she liked. Her weakness was SMOKED SALMON, She eat it every day! Became ill, with extreme tiredness and other symptoms. Doctor tested her B12 , and asked her about her diet. As soon as she confessed her love of smoked salmon, he suspected fish tapeworm,and took appropriate measures to get rid of the infestation of fish tapeworm.She recovered completely. Hasn't put her off smoked salmon! But she freezes it before she eats it. I love roll-mops(marinated herring) but I am wary now of eating it.

  • This makes me wonder. I had cryptosporidium during an outbreak contaminated drinking water and old blood results show raised eosinophils for years...I think they are normal now though. Will have to go back and check.

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