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Advised to come to this thread by thyroid uk diagnosed with megaloblastic anaemia

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I was put on ferrous sulphate and folic acid. Will dig out my exact results all I remember is it's non iron deficiency anaemia (I think that's what they said) I have so much going on in my health. Seaside susie sent me this way. On lots of other drugs too including rivaroxaban as I had a pulmonary embolism in June this year. I have positive antiphospholipid antibodies too. Also low t4 t3 very low tsh too. Not had antibodies tested yet due test on Friday. Was on levothyroxine but they took me off to retest.

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megaloblastic anaemia is classically a symptom of folate deficiency and B12 deficiency.

Without having your results for B12 and folate it's difficult to know if its possible that both B12 and folate are involved rather than just folate.

evaluating on the basis of symptoms is going to be difficult because of the overlap with symptoms of thyroid problems

Leomad, I have non anaemia PA with antibodies but I cannot help with the technical side. However, I'd suggest you start to keep a journal to keep track of your daily symptoms. This will be really helpful as time goes on and my GP really appreciated it. Good luck - you will get it sorted and begin to feel so much better.

B12 was in middle of rang at 413 (197-771) and folate was 2(3.9-). I'm having everything repeated in4 days time, so will see what's happening then. Thanks for your reply.

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