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Self Injecting

I would like to self inject with B12 my wife was a nurse but is now retired so no problem there. The problem is were can I purchase the ampules from? Is there a web site that I can use? My doctors don,t even reply to me when I ask them. The last diagnosis was nerve damage in my lower limbs and my hands also I have spinal problems lots of pain. Lots of other things going on too. Can anyone help?

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Both German sites, are used by many on here. I found goldpharma cheaper for smaller quantities, and versandapo cheaper by far for a pack of 100.

Good luck!


Thanks will give it ago

Reply charge 8 Euros per order and seem to deliver within about 3 working days which I think is excellent. I haven't used Goldpharma., for syringes, needles etc charged only £1.73 for delivery (within UK)

Hope the delivery charges here is helpful when calculating how much your order will be.


Thanks. I have two appointments comeing up with blood samples so will start after I have been to them


Hi what needles and syringes do i ask for and best place to buy them please .


You will need to decide which route you want to inject by, ie intramuscular or subcutaneous first. IM injections are absorbed more quickly than SC.

So, depending on your build, Green (21G 1.5") is good for IM if site is thigh but, if smaller/slight build, use Blue (23G 1"). If injecting SC, then Orange (25G 5/8") The 25G is thinner than 21G (larger no G is finer needle)

Green needle is good for drawing up the injection, before changing to smaller needle for injection.

I use Green to draw up, Blue to inject but, as I'm higher BMI, I was probably achieving subcutaneous only so decided to get Orange and do SC into abdomen instead, which is bit easier for me.

Syringes - 2ml syringes are easier to handle than the long thin 1ml (and same price) so I recommend 2ml, even though the injection is 1ml.

I get mine from here - x 100 each

2ml syringe - £3.35 (inc VAT)

...but these are bit cheaper, at £2.75 (inc VAT), and look OK, but haven't tried them - maybe someone can comment here???

Needles -

Select 'Needles' and choose your preference re Colour (Gauge) 21, 23, 25 - larger number is finer needle, and length


Orange - £2.82/100


Blue - £2.82 /100

Green - £2.82 /100

Mediswabs - £1.14 /100

Delivery (UK) (for me) was £4.79 plus VAT

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I got my ampules from goldpharma recently. Rotexmedica hydroxocobalamin. Think it arrived in less than 10 days. I seem to recall they ask for some kind of ID and disclaimer as well as an email verification. After that it's really easy. Think they cost about 15 quid for 10 ampules. Good luck and happy injecting. I also have lots of symptoms including the peripheral neuropathy and have fought like mad to convince the Drs to treat for B12. Eventually they agreed but not as guidance so got fed up trying and have gone down the SI route


BMI isn't the be all, end all of determining the needle needed for IM.

I have a BMI of 30 (overweight/obese) but I have virtually no fat on my thighs. If I pinch over the injection site the resulting fold is no more than 6mm, so the needle only needs to get through 3 mm before it hits muscle.

I use purple (24G) 25 mm needles for injecting and green needles to draw it up.

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