Trouble with the Medical Profession: Update

Some of you have seen my previous post regarding the inadequacy of the 3 monthly injections provided to my wife and the letter I wrote for her to her GP. We were contacted this morning to say that her current doctor had read the letter and had researched the subject and would now increase the frequency of her dosage to 6 weekly. That is real progress and just might do the job necessary.

I think that it proves that there are some class-acts among the medical profession and this site tends to be predominantly for people who have had a thin time of it from the jobs-worth end of the profession. It rather suggests that if any given doctor is not amenable to facts and the distressing symptoms of his/her patients, that a change of doctor is needed. If all else fails self medication is a solid fall-back. Without this my wife would now be in a wheelchair - or worse!!

I think that the time has come for me to bow out of this site. Best of luck to you all. My thoughts are with you.

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  • I'm so very pleased for you both . But I can assure you that you are very fortunate to have found a knowledgeable doctor . . Thank you for telling us about your experience . Very best wishes .

  • Thanks for the update. Great to hear your wife is getting injections more often.

  • Yes, I'm sure there are a lot of GPs out there like yours (and mine) who are willing to listen to their patients and to be flexible in their treatment. Patients of those doctors will have no need of sites like this, so we get a warped impression of the situation.

  • So pleased to hear that your wife will be getting more frequent injections. My own GP was good enough to allow me a trial period of six weekly injections. Because it made such a huge difference to the way I felt she agreed to continue at this frequency.

  • Indeed patients like you who have reasonable GPs are so lucky. Unfortunately it appears there are many more unhelpful doctors than those who are prepared to do a decent job of looking after their patients. Only wish I had a decent GP...I would not feel the need to complain and it would be a lot less stressful too. Lucky you!

  • It was not entirely luck. Please see the letter (posted elsewhere on this site) that I sent to the GP. There was also the issue of self-medication that took the initiative out of the doctors hands. With PA there is not a "Do Nothing" option.

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