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Articles linking iron deficiency

In autoimmune gastritis (AIG) or thyrogastric syndrome (new one to me), iron deficiency may come before B12/cobalamin deficiency. Iron levels may need to be monitored, but AIG patients have difficulty with supplements and could need infusions. Iron deficiency + thyroid problem may be a signal for the gastric condition that will create pernicious anemia. Pernicious anemia is the end stage. I hope this helps with recent comments about not giving treatment until the B12 anemia shows. Below, I will try to give the web link but in case it doesn't work, also the article.

Toh, B.H. (2014) Diagnosis and classification of Autoimmune Gastritis. Autoimmune Review 13(4-5).

Cellini, H. et al (2017). Hashimoto's thyroiditis and autoimmune gastritis. Front. Endocrinol 8 (92). (Lausanne).

Goncalves et al. (2014). AIG presenting as iron deficiency in children. World Journal Gastroenterology 20(42).

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