Bursitis of the hip (?) getting worse : anyone else have this problem?

Recently, the left-hand groin pain (bursitis ??) that I've had now regularly for two and a half years is getting worse, especially in the evenings and at night. Last night, the pressure was so uncomfortable that it kept me awake and I really thought something was going to burst. Don't even know what is there that could burst ! Quite relentless. Yet today, here I am in the library, moaning about it to you.

This was one of my very first symptoms: groin pain and hip clicking, daily diarrhoea and fatigue, with more symptoms since then. I've had all the scans, been through all the tests that the bowel people do, nothing found except "wear and tear" damage to lumbar region, so could have been transferred pain, and much later osteoporosis of the spine was found. I have had physio, they treated it as bursitis, which eased it temporarily. Pain site is quite specific, deep down in centre of groin and feels like massive build up of pressure without respite. Counter-pressure usually works, but last night, nothing helped and no more comfortable position.

What has changed lately? Nothing at all except that I now take Risedronate and calcium/D3 tablets for osteoporosis. Any ideas ? Anyone else recognise this ?

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  • Wonder if you asking in the thyroid forum about the possibility of it being connected to the calcium tablets might be a good place as it has many hits just by putting calcium in the search bar.

  • Will do, if anyone can tell me how you hop about from one forum to another...the Idiot's guide version, please ! Thanks, Lisahelen

  • Did you manage to get into the thyroid forum?

    If not, go to my communities on top bar, scroll to browse communities then enter thyroid in search should give thyroid uk as an early one, then join and ask away.

  • Google vitaminB12 injections to cure bursitis . It did so for me. I had bursitis of the shoulder; after about 5 injections it was gone after many weeks of pain .

  • So perhaps new B12 injection regime not adequate to keep the "bursitis" pain manageable now ? Also possible.

  • Get you Vitamin D level tested. Longterm musculoskeletal aches, pains, fatigue, etc can be associated to Vitamin D being low or below optimal. Left untreated this can/will result in many problems including osteopenia and then osteoporosis.

    50 scientists/researchers recommended the following Vitamin D level which they stated in BOLD FONT.


  • Sadly already got osteoporosis of the spine, although previously Vitamin D level had been tested and found to be normal.

  • Do you know what the normal result was ? How much VitD are you taking ?

    If the pain is in the groin then it does suggest the hip joint itself. If you are lying flat in your bed or floor can you bring the knee onto the chest whilst keeping the other leg straight - without pain ?

    I have Trochanter Bursitis - so very painful on the outside of the pelvis. I use Osmo Patches from Oz - could be difficult to use in the groin 😊 I am fortunate the joint is good.

    Reducing inflammation in the bursae is important. Have you tried a Shiatsu massage ?

    I agree with wedgewood about B12 injections ....

  • Vitamin D results: can't remember right now, Marz , can I get back to you? Would value your opinion.

    I'm having 35mg Risedronate (1 per wk) and Evacal D3/ Calcium carbonate 1500mg 2x day.

    As for the "bursitis"- assuming that is what it is- can feel swelling when at it's worst, deep in groin. Can't work out what makes it so bad sometimes (mostly late in evening or night) - and at other times nothing at all. At worst, takes your breath away with the force of the pressure (couldn't exactly call it pain), and counter-pressure only effective if it doesn't get to this level. Does that sound right to you ? (Hip on this side clicks and is stiff in mornings often, but did not come up as a problem when tested for osteoporosis which is in spine)

    Also, I know you have been through this before, but can you please remind me about thyroid testing and what to ask for ? My niece has a lot of signs that seem to indicate a problem: lethargy, depression, changes to face shape and fatty hump forming. I remember you saying that very few GPs gave complete tests needed as standard.

  • mendmyhip.com/hip-injury-in...

    Found this website above - one of many - that really explains the hip joint well. Yes - the pain from the hip joint is felt in the groin. On the outside of the pelvis - the pain felt is from the Trochanter - where most people have a problem and think it is their hip joint ..... :-) I think the bursae become inflamed when pressure is put on them - they are natural cushions - but when stressed or ittitated they become inflamed.

    When looking at a diagram of the skeleton - frontal - you can see the hip joint is situated quite a way in on the pelvis.

    I am without pain at the moment - had lots of treatment with Shiatsu. Sometimes it is the Psoas that is off centre and difficult to treat - it is a huge muscle linking the top of the body to the bottom. It is my problem they think. So it could be with you as you have osteoporosis.

    Have you read Dr Sarah Myhills website ? She covers osteoporosis well. I understand the drug you are taking can re-build bone but it is brittle. Calcium is involved in the breaking down of old bone and not the renewal - there are osteoclasts and osteoblasts .....


    How much VitD is there in the combination tablet you are taking ? VitD in a good quantity naturally increases the uptake of calcium from foods. Are you taking VitK2 MK7 - this directs calcium away from the arteries into the bones and teeth. Also magnesium and zinc are co-factors. Leaving calcium to float around in the arteries is not a good idea.

    Thyroid Testing : TSH - FT4 - FT3 and the Anti-bodies Anti-TPO and Tg. Also B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD are invariably low with thyroid issues - in fact always it would seem ! These tests are RARELY done by the NHS - so Home Testing Kits are available - results by e-mail and well used by members on Thyroid UK. Over 61,000 people there - so yes well used !


    GP's rarely attach any importance to anti-bodies and yet globally it is the most common thyroid issue causing Hypothyroidism. What a disgrace ....

    Let me know if I have forgotten anything ....

  • Thanks very much, Marz - this is exactly what I wanted, both for me and my niece.

    By the way, I did look up my Vitamin D results:

    6/10/16: 25 OH Vitamin D : 111.8nmol/L (range 50-120)

    Bone Profile : normal

    (10/3/17: Dexa scan: hip: normal, spine: osteoporosis)

    Also answers Londinium (below)

  • Glad it was helpful. VitD looking great 😊

  • ..That's what I thought, which makes me wonder how 5 months later, I had osteoporosis of the spine diagnosed and am now on D3/Calcium carbonate tablets (?)

    Just got SIBO breath test organised with Guy's , first free appointment, on 5th October. At least they are still looking for what's going on, even though clearly overloaded.

    Summer here lately has been a bit of a damp squib, please DON'T tell me how it is in Crete !!

    Seriously, all the best x

  • Did you manage to read Dr Myhill 's website I posted above ? Good advice about osteoporosis. Her book - Sustainable Medicine - is an excellent read 😊

  • Not yet, Marz , but have had it printed out for me in library, and will do. Not doing so great on 1 monthly B12 injections, clinging on for next week !

  • I believe some people top up in between injections with lozenges/sprays/patches - whatever it takes :-)

  • mybursitis.com/hip-bursitis...

    Forgot this site the other day :-)

  • "Vitamin D had been tested and found to be normal."

    What was your actual Vitamin D result and ref. range? I very much doubt that your Vitamin D levels were good.

  • Sorry @Londinium, didn't see this or get notification....

    Vitamin D levels were a very healthy 111.8 (nmol/L ?) where top of range was 120, so seemed good to me. Cannot remember bottom of range now but know I was in a comfortable high position. That's why if I forget a Vitamin D tablet now and then I don't worry.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    111 nmol isn't bad... but I attended a hospital doctor's talk last week who prefers to see it at 140 nmol.

    This PDF statement is signed by 50 scientists. Their recommended level is stated in bold font.



  • Well then, let's hope it IS now more like 140nmol ; taking the tablets whenever I remember, still on a healthy diet, going on long walks in the sunshine etc.

    Wouldn't you think that 111 was high enough not to get osteoporosis in the first place... or am I getting this all wrong ?

    Thanks very much for the advice, Londinium

  • Have you been 111 nmol all your life? 🤔

  • That I don't know Londinium . No-one ever measures the healthy !

    I was doing fine until I got to around 56/7 , then everything went a bit wonky.

  • Now that you've got that pdf statement that I provided and all the stuff on my Vit D post, you can see how critical it is to have, and to maintain, an optimal level of Vit D (and everything else) throughout life. Mainstream medics are content with people remaining at the very bottom of, or below, the ref. range of vitamins, etc.

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