Anyone else have constant headaches/eye pain?

Hi, I've had PA for many years and self inject. I also had Graves but now under active after RAI treatment, I've been on 100mg of levothyroxine for over a year and tests show normal thyroid levels. However I've had a constant headache around my eyes for the last 6 weeks. Opthamologist says eyes are fine (after short period of his eye pressure), CT scan normal. I'm v lethargic and have joint pain in thumbs which rheumatologist says is likely to be Osteo arthritis. I'm 42. Anyone have anything similar with regards to the headaches behind/ around eyes? I'm desperate to get rid of them!

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  • Hi, what are you injecting and how often? Are you on any other meds and multi vits folic or potassium via food?

  • Oops replied but in the wrong place?

  • Hi, I've been on duloxetine for 4 years. I inject 0.5ml of methyl irregularly depending on how I feel ranging from daily to monthly. Take iron supplements but haven't taken them for a few weeks.

  • is there any correlation between the methyl injections and the headache - some people find that methyl gives them headaches.

  • I used to have constant pain in the muscles around my eyes before I started to self treat with B12.

  • Which blood tests show you have normal thyroid levels? Hope it's not the useless TSH test they are using to decide on your dosage. What are your results? I had awful symptoms after treatment for my Graves and was so unwell on 100 mcg Levothyroxine for many years with 'normal' blood results. I now take NDT and self inject B12. I advise you to get your results and reference ranges and post on here or thyroid uk forum. I sometimes occasionally get eye pain headaches when I'm having a 'flare up'. I think it's when I go hyper but equally headaches are a symptom with hypo. Still hard to work out what happening even after having this disease for 22 yrs!

  • Hi Grifter I too have had P.A. for many years, suffer head and eye aches and find applying heat by mean of a microwavable mask for five minutes or so eases both of them.

    I'm not a medically qualified person - just a fellow sufferer

  • Hi, you could also try calcium/ magnesium supplements as they, esp. Mag, can help muscles relax. Sounds like it could be muscle tension? When Clive wrote that he used warm compresses around the eyes it helps- by relaxing the muscles. Maybe like sleepybunny in the post below, you need a bit more b12?

    Good luck :-)

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