Feeling really low and clumsy,sorry for the delay

Hi all,it's been a long time for me on here.I've been in my new job for almost a year,I'm starting to feel my vitamin b12 has dropped dramatically. Although I'm sleeping I feel more tired.I'm aching a lot and my IBS has flared up. I fell over this morning and feel so clumsy.It's my son's birthday next weekend and I'm working all oif it-14 shift and a 12 hour shift I didn't ask for. We've got a new resident moving in and she's quite a handful, the other five are causing difficulties too as she has been visiting a lot .I did have a blood test yesterdays for b12 and full blood count.It will be difficult to get an appointment for my booster.I'm feeling sore and feeling sorry for myself.The only bonus is We're off on holiday in a few weeks time,can't wait for it.

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  • Dear Nicky - Richards .

    It sounds as if you need your B12 more regularly .Have you trued to persuade your doctor? I t is always difficult . If he/she will not agree , have you thought of self injection ?Do you eat plenty of folate( green leafy veg , peas )? or take a supplement of folic acid ( vitamin B9)? I'm really sorry that you are having to struggle so . I did too until I started to S.I. . Since then life is immeasurably better ! Think about it . You would get all the help you need here . Very best wishes .

  • Thanks for that, I feel I need it more regularly and I have been thinking about self injection It's just really difficult to get an appointment. Hopefully I'll have the results by Wednesday and get it sorted. I don't eat enough veg,some of it causes my IBS to flair up.

  • It's quite common to get IBS symptoms with PA , due to the fact that the cells in the stomach that produce acid (HCL ) are affected by the antibodies . Low or no stomach acid (Hypochlorhydria / Achlorhydria) leads to disturbance of the stomach flora leading to bloating , indigestion , tummy pain etc. I overcame this by using probiotics( best is home made organic raw sauerkraut )Its so much cheaper than buying probiotics. .!' Google for instructions )

  • Thanks I will

  • you do need folate as well as B12 so if you aren't getting it through green leafy veg you probably need to look at supplementing - 400-200mcg from supermarket should be sufficient.

    A lot of breakfast cereals are fortified with folic acid so you may be getting some folate from that.

  • Thank you,I'll look in to it

  • Hello again,I've just got back from GP,apparently my vitamin b12 level is okay and so was my FBC.I spoke to the GP and explained to him how I've been feeling.He did give me the injection and has referred me for an ECG.He feels that I need to have the vitamin b12 every month as my body may need the extra amount. He has also referred me to a local therapy session.

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