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B12 help please all ranges so confusing

My B 12 is 98 but I assume we are talking a different range? Mine is active B12 pmol/L is this low enough to ask GP to inject or shall I take vid as above? My ferritin final is 69with a range of 13-150 I do find the different ranges and measurements confusing. Endo says these results are fine. Gp has given me D3 twice weekly for 6 weeks 25000iu as I was 39 nmol vit D 25 hydroxy

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The range for active B12 is much lower than the range for serum B12 because it is looking at the B12 that is bound to the protein which enables it to be used in cells - which makes up about 20% of the B12 in your blood.

Your result is certainly in the normal range for active B12 and is quite well into that range.

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Thank you that's reassuring


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