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High folate AND HIGH VIT. B both!

All doctors say is all B vitimins are water soluable. Not an answer.

My b12 is 100 points from being the highest on the blood test result chart.

My b9 (folate) is so high the test doesn't go that high (greater than 20).

I have bone pain, am a bit foggy (they blame stress and age) and all bone scans are negative. I do not take folbic or folate acid and don't even take multi vitimins because of this. I don't eat green leafy veggies due to gastro problems. I don't eat oranges or cereal as they contain folate. So where is it coming from and why is it off the charts? NO kind of doc knows. Primary, neurologist, rhumi doctor, orthopedic...no one. Since bone pain in long bones are there and high folate I wonder if they are related. Thank you.

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response on subsequent post


I don't see a response (lynne)


Where please?


You posted this twice. Gambit62 responded in the other post here - healthunlocked.com/pasoc/po...

And you replied to it.

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