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How effective are shop-bought supplements?


Hello everyone. I have a list of symptoms a mile long which all point towards B12 deficiency, the most obvious being burning mouth syndrome as well as the usual 'fogs', giddiness and tiredness. I have an under active thyroid which has been stable for 17 years and I take 10mg of a protein pump inhibitor daily. I have just had my blood test results which say I have a B12 rating of 342 and acceptable mid-range levels of folate and iron. I have basically been told by my GP to go away and come back if I still feel the same in 4 weeks. I asked if I could have a B12 injection to see if it made a difference and I got a lecture about professional ethics. I feel deflated and upset.

My question is: what is the strength of the B12 injections? Is there any way shop bought supplements can make a difference? I have bought some that are 1000ug (what ever that means) but I guess it will be pointless if I am not processing the vitamin through the digestive system anyway.

I am now stuck with one neuropathy (burning mouth) and want to make sure I am not going to have other irreversible damage done at the tender age of 61!

Thanks in advance for any supportive replies.

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clivealiveForum Support

Perhaps your "professional ethics" doctor should read clause four of the BSH guidelines for treatment of low B12 which says:

"In the presence of discordance between the test result and strong clinical features of deficiency, treatment should not be delayed to avoid neurological impairment".

Hello RosalindB,,,,,your body will take what it needs from supplements,,,,and pass out what it does not,,,wee could go bright yellow!!!,,,,increase foods that are high in B vit,,and just stick to the dose on the bottle,,and see how you go,,hope this helps a bit,,,ttfn from karen.

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