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I just bought Martyn Hooper's books and am so glad I did. It is just so frustrating, though, to read such relevant and important information yet know that my GP would fix me with his patronising, 'I am a doctor, do not bother me with this' stare if I dared to ask him to read it. When I was (eventually) diagnosed, ten years after seeking help, he blithely informed me that I would never improve, no referrals, just 'The injections are not going to make you better, but at least they will keep you alive.' And I have to accept this.

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You WILL IMPROVE , as long as you get enough B12, folate and a good all round diet . You will feel better , and not suffer with PA. It could be that as you have had symptoms for so long , you may not recover 100% . No cure found yet , but we all hope ! Martyn's dedication has improved our chances . He has such a difficult path to tread - trying to inform doctors about PA , but not annoying them at the same time .


My lovely doctor told me I had two years to live unless I ate raw liver three times a day or B12 injections every four weeks for the rest of my life. That was in 1972 and I'm still "clivealive" at over 75 :)


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