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Visit to the doctor today was very interesting

I went to the Dr today as now I am feeling on the mend I had thought about taking my spot back playing Bass in the band they have a new singer so I need to learn 22 new bassline but I cant commit them to memory, I explained this to the Doc and she said its probably due to my B12 deficiency, I showed her my chart showing the 7 SI I have had along with the improvements in my symptoms. She was rather concerned I may be overdosing on B12 and asked if I'd seen a consultant .There was a letter on her computer that stated I had Pernicious anaemia which I had previously been told I hadn't got. but it appears now I have and it stated with my neurological symptoms I should be on injections every other day until there is no further improvement. Oh you are taking the correct amount she said, and admitted she didn't know much about B12. I've got a brilliant book about B12 I said if I was to drop it in for you would you like to have a look at it and she said yes. So I will be dropping Could it be B12 in for her tomorrow. I really hope she reads it and it makes it easier for others to get the correct treatment. I did like the fact that she admitted she didn't know much about B12.

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Good to hear you feel on the mend .

She might also like to read Martyn Hooper's book "What You Need to Know About Pernicious Anaemia and Vitamin B12 Deficiency" which is up to date with UK B12 guidelines. I gave a copy of this to my GPs.

I found "Could it Be B12" really interesting but was concerned my UK GPs might be less likely to read it because it seems aimed at USA.


You need to ask your doctor to check your Folate level too PaulFoster as this works with the B12 helping your iron to make red blood cells.

It's good to read you are feeling improved and yes there is life after P.A. as I've had it for 45 years. I may now take up playing bass too :)

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