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Changed my medical practice !

I took the bull by the horns and I changed my GP

the new practice gave a warm welcome to me

the very next week, an appointment ..YOO HOO !

full blood tests taken and ECG too

An appointment next month to assess all my drugs

a fasting blood sugar ..a new set of bloods

They're doing another diabetic review

I'm not just a number..they know what to do

I feel in control ..I've empowered myself

onwards and upwards, in charge of my health

It's all down to you guys..the support I've received

the future is bright. I'm in sync and relieved.

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i live in Leeds. Where are you from ? x


oh that is a shame ! I am determined to be heard this time. Good luck in your search x


hope it continues.

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So do I..but they seem much more in tune with their patients. Will go through these latest blood test results with this new GP and see what he says x



Great to hear you have found GPs who listen.

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ah but had you had the dreaded b12 frequency dicussed?

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Nope...that will be when I see the doctor. Hopefully he will be on board with PA and B12 as well. X


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