Gp changed my injection period

Hi all I've had blood results back on friday and my doctor has said my injections should be changed to three monthly instead of two monthly this is worrying me as a week before I have my two monthly one I feel drained so waiting an extra four weeks is going to be awful has anybody had this problem I had just had my injection when I had the blood test so I would of been quite high in b12 tia

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  • Sometimes they just dont seem to think laterally! Can only suggest you ask for a repeat bloods just before the time when he has decreed your new 3 monthly injection. That way the dr can see what your true level is.

    Other than that you might have to go down a well trodden path for many on here and that is self medicating either by injection, lozenge, spray, patches, drops or even tablets. The best method will more than likely depend on why you have the b12d in the first place.

    Or you see how you go by doing nothing except waiting to see how it goes, and just using the spray available from holland and barrets or chemists to top you up.

  • Hi thankyou for your reply I have been taking one step forward and ten back for the last five years I'm not sure why my levels keep dropping I have had no explanation it all started five years ago I had numerous symptoms tingling in arms felt like I was walking on air severe anxiety headaches chest pain the list goes on my b12 was 67 I went on cyanBala min tabs which raised it then I was taken of those and it dropped again so started injections three monthly I was still struggling so they put them two monthly now they're going back to three monthly which scares me :(

  • I've just been looking into this for another thread. Did you initially have neurological symptoms? If so then the BCSH guideline say you should be on 2 monthly jabs -

    Maintenance treatment for patients presenting without neurological deficit is

    with hydroxocobalamin 1000 g i.m. every three months. Those with initial

    neurological deficit should receive hydroxocobalamin 1000 g i.m. every two months.

  • Hi thankyou for your reply yes I had a lot of neurological symptoms before I went on injections

  • It took me daily injections of 10.000 ( not a typo) hydroxo for my neuro symptoms to subside.

  • louloubell121 your doctor is an idiot, He should be treating your symptoms not just reading the test results on his screen especially as you say "I had just had my injection when I had the blood test so I would of been quite high in b12".

    Any doctor worth his salt would know that once injections have been started the serum B12 test results will be skewed and meaningless.

    As fbirder says patients "with initial

    neurological deficit should receive hydroxocobalamin 1000 μg i.m. every two months". and logic dictates that if you are still experiencing neurological symptoms in the run up to your next injection you need them more frequently - not the other way round.

    Do you have P.A. or B12 deficiency?

  • Thankyou for your reply I need to go and see my doctor which will be a two week wait Im not sure what it is my doctor doesn't explain anything to me :(

  • I mentioned in another thread that I just ended up injecting myself to get well with the help of chatting to people in FB forums about B12 def and got my injections online at if I had not taken things into my own hands I would have still been suffering.

  • Thankyou for your reply I think I may have to do this as I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere :(

  • I've been there, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands to get well.

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