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Leaky gut

Just an update Diagnosed mid March with fibromyalgia which I disagreed with cos I didn't have the really bad pain you have with it Few days later started to lose weight rapidly Lost 8lbs in a week I told doc I thought it was leaky gut Put on stomach protector changed my diet Cut out dairy wheat alcohol sugar caffein and replaced with other foods Had natural yogurt etc

The outcome of thus was after I had my loading doses last July I had a fall mid August and was very ill for about 3 weeks took ibuprofen for neck pain Was ill all thru Autumn into winter Then was prescribed naproxen in December to help with pain over Xmas After which I was ill again Took naproxen early March and then lost weight and felt really ill My doc didn't diagnose me I did My leaky gut caused by anti inflammatory drugs whether I was more susceptible cos of b12 don't know now my gut is better I don't suffer so much with the pain I do have cervical Spondylosis and osteo but aches and pains now manageable

Now sorted my gut out No scarring Changed diet and on the mend But would have been treated for fibro and been non the wiser

Would suggest everyone watches Micheal Moselys TV programmes about the gut he is so right

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