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An update on my symptoms

Hi there I have been self injecting since every other day since Feb 15th 2017 and I am so pleased with the improvement I will list the improvements below.

1. Balance improved can walk toe to heel.

2 The constant pain down either side of my spine has gone.

3. My legs and feet feel so much better

4.The sharp pain midway down my spine whilst propped up in bed watching TV has gone

5.I am not needing to sleep mid day and stay awake until 11-12pm instead of falling asleep at 8pm

6. I can now keep a good grip of my plectrum.

7. My feet are no longer freezing in bed.

8. I had my 2 yearly eye sight test yesterday and my eyes have improved and now have the same prescription I had back in 2010.

So with all these things improving my main concern now is in learning new bass lines for songs. I cant retain them in my memory at the moment so I am still unable to get back to work, but I am very hopeful that my memory will improve.

I was concerned for my wife she lost 1.5 stone as she has no appetite and was getting pins and needles in her hands, I took her to the doctors and asked him to check her b12 when she rang to get the results she was told they were normal, I got her to ring and ask for a printout and they were at 350. which is below what Dr Chandy starts treatment at so II suggested she use some of mine, she has had 4 now I asked her how she was doing with the pins and needles she said I don't get them now. I am really going off Doctors, I am approaching 64 and in talking to people I have recommended 2 get their B12 levels checked and they have both come out Low. If at my age after watching a YouTube documentary One film and reading a book why do I know more about b12 than the several doctors I have spoken to.

Thankyou once again for all your help and advice.

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According to a medic I know vitamins, all vitamins, were taught at med. school for couple of hours on a Friday afternoon. Now are you surprised !


No just confused


I don't know if you were confused by my answer so I have expanded and, I hope, clarified it.


much better cheers

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