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X-Ray and should I fast for these blood tests ?


Thanks for the reply, I have just had an appt. with my 'proper' doctor(who is only there part-time) had to insist on seeing him as they like to pass you over to whoever is available. Told him about these symptoms and that I was mainly concerned with the pins/needles in leg etc. Has sent me for X-Ray this afternoon, doing bloods for the following:

Full blood count


C-Reactive protein

Urea and electrolytes

Blood glucose

Liver function tests

and a bone profile test

My Dad had rheumatoid arthritis in base of spine (at c6, I think )and had to have operation to enlarge the space where the spinal cord sits because of numbness in foot and leg, so I suppose he's looking at the possibility of it being a spinal problem as opposed to b12. Also given Amitriptyline 10mcgs 1 at night to ease the nerve in the leg?

I'll have to look up what ESR stands for and is the bone density to see if there is evidence of osteoporosis? I hope not.

Anyway, To-morrow they'll have an arms worth of the red stuff to play with and we'll get a little further along the yellow brick road! Should I fast for 24hours for these and not take the Levothyroxine or Amitriptyline?

Many thanks

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Thanks :)

ESR : erythrocyte sedimentation rate. A test of red blood cells that can indicate inflammation.

If red blood cells fall to the bottom of tube and clamp together this indicate inflammation. The higher the rate the greater the inflammation.

Good luck for tomorrow.

Thanks :)

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