Itchy rash after 7th injection

My injection the day before yesterday was quite painful (7th of alternate day injections ) and went red and inflamed looking afterwards. I thought it may bruise badly but today I have an itchy red rash there and no bruise. All of my injection sites have a bruise about 1cm diameter. I feel quite concerned knowing I have a lifetime of this ahead of me...especially the one with the red rash.

Just to clarify, I'm not using a wipe pre injection , though I could. I'm using an orange 1" 25g needle. I wonder if it's not going deep enough ? Any input appreciated ! Rather anxious about today's injection :(

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  • I cannot comment on self injections as I have mine at the local surgery.

    Coincidentally enough my nurse when giving me my B12 jab this morning asked if the injections were "painful" and I replied that with over 600 during the past 45 years "only a handful" had actually hurt, On Wednesday this week it will be the 45th Anniversary of the first one.

    I hope someone on here will be able to advise you Jesswoozer1

  • sterile wipe isn't needed - and I think its pretty mixed on whether its good or bad.

    Sounds like you are injecting subcutaneously rather than IM. The bruising is probably because you are managing to catch a vein.

    Are you keeping the B12 in the fridge and then injecting when it is still cold - it can be warmed in the hand before injecting and using warm B12 would be less painful. Also injecting slowly can make it less painful.

  • Hi Jesswoozer1. Yes, you may be right - sometimes not doing a SC injection deep enough can result in bruising (or staining from the red B12) and perhaps irritation. SC injection is supposed to be a deep SC injection (rather than subdermal - just under the skin).

    If you continue to have trouble, might be worth considering injecting IM - once you've done self-injection, IM is no more trouble that SC - once you've done the first one 😀).

    Post again if you need more help. Good luck 👍

  • I'm 16 days into SI. Worryingly enough now the IM ( 1.5" needle) I did 2 days ago has now come up overnight from being a deep bruise to a red, slightly swollen hot patch about 1 " in diameter .The one from 4 days ago is now very hot red and extending also. So, the last 2 injections have both appeared to have a ? cellulitis /local allergic reaction. One was with a medi wipe first and the other wasn't.

    I'm devastated. I certainly can't inject today. I daren't. I have no idea whether this is an allergic reaction or cellulitis. I suspect it's an allergy. The 6 previous ones have all bruised....I just wonder WHY the one from 4 days ago has now decided to play up ?? What a mess. I have no idea how to proceed now.

    I was just starting to feel so much better too. I'm terrified of crashing now but will have to stop. Any thoughts or similar stories would be very much appreciated !

    Sorry I should have perhaps made a separate post of this :(

  • I appreciate this thread is a few months old but I have had the same thing start happening to me after injections. Did any one work out what it was? I daren't do anymore.

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