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Reputable labs for B12 testing?

Can anyone recommend any labs for private B12, folate, ferritin, intrinsic factor, etc testing? My daughter has all the symptoms of B12 deficiency. Has been tested for thyroid function which is apparently normal, as are all her other bloods. Testing for B12 has not been carried out on the NHS. Have had a problem with Nuffield Health who won't test my daughter as she is under 18.... anyone else had this experience? Really confused about which way to turn!

Thank you so much.


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I'll be following this thread with interest. I hope you get an answer soon for your daughter! x

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St Thomas's in London do testing.

However, there is no guarantee that NHS GP will take any notice of tests that have been done privately I'm afriad.

There are some commercial companies that also do testing - Blue Horizon for instance - and others.

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