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Any way to find NHS Consultant who diagnoses PA/B12 def, please?

I'd like to ask my GP for a referral re what I think is likely to be B12 deficiency. Needless to say, GP totally disregards my probably symptoms and won't acknowledge likely indications in blood tests.

Has anyone any idea as to how one can find an NHS consultant who has an interest, and treats, PA/B12 def, please? Obviously, it's of no use relying on GP to know this information, therefore a referral likely to be a waste of time/resources etc. Even to see a Consultant privately, I would need this same info

Many thanks

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I think if you say the area you live in it will help with recommendations.

I've been recommended a consultant in Bristol if that is any help? Not seen him as now think my symptoms are caused be another autoimmune thing. Just been told there's an 8 month NHS wait :( so as soon as I can get my blood results I'll take them with me on the private route.

Has your GP tested your B12 and intrinsic factor?


Thanks 06hollyberry

I was thinking there may be a 'list' of Thyroid-friendly doctors, including NHS, covering all the country, available somewhere, hence didn't specify my area.

I'm in West Suffolk, so anyone available in Ipswich or Bury St Edmunds would be approprirate. Yes, there's always a long time to wait to be seen after being referred, especially if referral is classified as 'non-urgent' :(

Yes, I have had tests for B12 etc and it looks very much like I'm B12 deficient but, as usual, the GP doesn't agree but he clearly has no idea re B12/PA issues unless the 'classic' signs are there, in spite of various tests indicating otherwise. I haven't pushed for IF because it's known to be unreliable, ie can test -ve even if +ve so chose not to ask GP for this - if it came back -ve, he'd use that to confirm I hadn't got issues :( I'm also looking into next step on B12 issue ;(


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