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Ordered 1ml ampoules, got 0.5 ml ones??

Self-injecting newbie here - a million thanks for all the very helpful advice on this forum which I have been reading near religiously in recent times before taking the plunge to SI.

Did my first SI today - it went surprisingly well and was relatively painless although I did cry at first as the thought was just so horrid! But I am massively motivated in getting better so... did it. This forum gave me confidence to take the plunge as my levels are just above normal (200ish, can't recall exact number) so I knew GP wouldn't prescribe injections on NHS.

I had ordered 100 units of 1.5ml of Hydroxocobalamin in 1 ml liquid from Ordered on Wednesday evening and it arrived today - so it only took the 2-3 business days as promised on their website to deliver to UK.

However, each unit in the ampoule actually measures as 0.5 ml liquid, NOT 1ml. Even though on the package it says the measures of what I ordered.

Ended up giving myself one unit in left thigh and two units in right thigh. I figured that this would total at least half of what it would be if it was 1ml, ie 750mcg plus 1500 mcg, totalling 2250 mcg.

(I have taken a few B12 shots privately recently but it wasn't enough to make a difference so I felt I had to inject more than the standard 1000 mcg at least for the loading period or until my neurological symptoms stop (brain fog & loss of short term memory -- and does fatigue count as a neurological symptom)?

I'm a bit puzzled as to why it's only 0.5 mg in liquid. What do you think, does this mean it's only half of the promised 1500 mcg in Hydroxocobalamin, or have they somehow 'fitted in' 1500 mcg into 0.5ml of liquid?

Has anyone else had experiences with this? Or any other insight into what is going on with these doses?

My experience with versandapo was otherwise great, but I'm just puzzled by this...

Any comments much appreciated!

PS In case anyone wonders, what I ordered was VITAMIN B12 Depot Inj. 1500 μg Injektionslösung - Injection solution, 100X1 ml

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Well done on SI. I wish I could help but as my b12 levels were so low I got mine on repeat prescription from my GP. Turned out all I had to do was ask! They know I SIand are happy for me to do so.


Wow, that's encouraging to hear! I've read of too many cases here and elsewhere (like Martyn Hooper's blog) where even if you have official deficiency as per NHS guidelines, you're still not given injections more often than once every three months.

In my current low energy state I just didn't feel up to trying to persuade my GP who said my B12 was fine :S

But it's great to hear that some GPs are much more understanding of how much one might need to improve their symptoms!

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This was a case of "SILLY NEWBIE MISTAKE"!

Turns out the ampoules do contain 1mg of liquid each -- it's just that little old me didn't realise some of it (or quite a bit of it) would be stuck at the top of the ampoule unless you specifically flick it etc a few times.

Only noticed this today after using 3 ampoules to get 2mg out...

Mystery of the missing Hydroxocobalamin solved.


Another newbie error - I of course meant "1 ML" of liquid and "to get 2 ML" out...

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So glad to read this SlimCat as I an about to order my first batch and was gearing up to do a good check !


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