Post laparoscopy for adhesions

I had a laparoscopy 3 days ago for investigations and during the procedure I had adhesions removed, I came home from hospital yesterday and am in immense pain, I know that's normal and it will take me a good couple of weeks before I will feel well again the question I have is how can I improve the pain in my abdomen would a hot water bottle help?

Also how can I get my bowel moving again because I think a lot of the pain is because I can't move my bowel at the moment.

I was on morphine and fentanyl before the surgery and because of an allergic reaction I was taken off the morphine immediately and I have decided not to continue the fentynal and am going to pain manage using paracetamol only because I know the opiates can cause constipation.

Does anyone have advice on this to help the pain ease? Thank you

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  • Hi dmacker1. So sorry that your having such a rough time.

    The first thing to say is that if you haven't had a bowel movement for three days, you should see your GP. Sometimes the bowel gets sluggish or stops working properly after the kind of procedure you've had. your GP can assess the situation and also give you meds to help with movement and softening (of anything that needs softening 😖).

    It would also be a good idea to talk to your GP about pain medications - there are other things that you could try, rather than be in pain...and if your GP prescribed 'softening' items, you could then perhaps use the fentynal without the nasty constipation effects.

    It might be that the paracetamol won't be strong enough for effective pain relief, at least at the moment. Also note - it's important not to exceed the recommended dose for paracetamol (no more than 8 x 500mg tablets in 24 hours.

    Whilst some pain after a procedure is to be expected, if you're in what you describe as immense pain, three days later, then it would, perhaps be a good idea to be reassessed by a doctor, even if only for your own peace of mind (and to get bowels and pain meds sorted).

    If your pain gets worse, your temperature rises, you feel cold, clammy and faint...or it the entry site for the laprascope gets red, hot or swollen, then you should be seen as an emergency - either by your GP, at a walk in centre, or in A & E.

    In terms of local pain relief, a warm (but not hot) hot water bottle can sometimes help. And although it's probably difficult because of the pain, walking around (even if only slowly) can sometimes get the bowels moving - and also release any trapped wind 💨💨💨(wind is a good thing - it shows things are starting to move in the right direction). 😉

    Finally, you should not have to be in such do seek medical advice...there are other things they can do for pain relief. And those bowels need to get started....😖

    Really hope things start to improve soon...let us know how you get on👍

  • Thank you for your response, I am going to take some dulcolax tonight and hope to get my bowels moving, I think I'm in such pain because the surgery was slightly more invasive than they originally planned, will see how I am in a day or two and if still bad will see my gp.

  • Okay. Good luck...but don't wait if things get worse 😉 X

  • just wondering - noticing that you are on a couple of other forums from your responses - if you meant to post this on the PAS forum or meant to post on one of the other forums

  • I posted on a couple of forums as was not sure which one was best to get an answer from.

  • P.s. Sorry, forgot to say...if you start to vomit - especially if it's dark coloured matter or fluid - you should seek immediate medical attention 👍

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