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MMA & IF Testing - supplements

Hi, I've read on the pinned post about not supplementing before the above tests but it doesn't say how long to stop before. I had bloods taken on Tuesday for both and I stopped taking supplements just over 4 weeks ago. I forgot to mention to the nurse who took the blood. Will this make any difference to the results? I wasn't taking super high doses to begin with. Thanks.

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The pinned post states that you should not take supplements before MMA/homocysteine/Active B12 - and it means just that - any supplementing before the tests can affect the result - ideally you should leave a minimum of 3-6 months if you have already supplemented.

You say you weren't taking super high doses - if that means you were taking RDA or a few multiples of RDA (1.2mcg inn UK, 2.4mcg in US) then that amount of supplementation is unlikely to have had any impact on the results if you have an absorption problem as the amount that you would absorb through passive absorption would be a few % of the amount in the tablet at best and could even be much lower at a fraction of a %.

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Thanks for your reply. It was a breastfeeding multivitamin with 10mcg in so likely not enough to make a difference. I'll just have to wait and see what the results come back as. I'm rather impatient and fed up of feeling rubbish and feel I can't move forward until B12 has been ruled out. Thanks for your help.

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