I have heard gallbladder bile duct issues can be cause from b12. Is this true

I had an ultrasound as precation and it found my bile duct needs a stent put in. They believe it's due to passing so many kidney stones and I no longer have a gallbladder to to stones and a bad infection....isn't that all stuff related to b12? I am havi,g a scope done next week as well to look and put stent in?

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  • I think you mean gallstones rather than kidney stones? You raise an interesting point though, I've had my gallbladder removed due to severe pain and inflammation. This was many years before I discovered I had low B12.

    I wonder if any others on here can say they may have a link between the two?

  • Terminal ileum removed in 1973 - gall bladder removed early 80's - Hashimotos diagnosed 2005.

  • My thyroid issues weren't diagnosed until after my gall bladder was removed! Autoimmune illnesses just keep arriving, one after another.

  • link on increased risk of gallbladder stones in patients with PA


    as I understand it bile is important in being able to release B12 that is stored in you liver so if your bile duct is blocked that could affect your ability to regulate your levels of B12

    injury to the ileum is a risk of gallbladder removal and the ileum plays a key role in absorption and release of B12 stored in the liver so is a risk for B12 deficiency.

  • Interesting! I had my gallbladder removed and after a year or so I was diagnosed with PA.

  • i was just wondering if it does have something to do with it.

  • These ARE in interesting posts! A new angle on B12...

    I actually had one doctor tell me to chew gum (the sugar-free kind of course) after every meal to stimulate B12 absorption in my gastric system. I started doing it and noticed my GERD improved but I cant really tell if the gum is doing anything for my B12 deficiency.

    Gum creates bile in mouth (a.k.a. spit) that you swallow down into that part of the gastric system where B12 absorption occurs or not. So, it must be an alternative to gallblader bile..(assumption on my part).

    Maybe that is why our 19th century and early 20th century ancestors chewed a lot of gum..!?

  • this is very interesting. my mom chewed a lot of gum after eating . she always said it settled her stomach.

  • No, spit is totally different from bile. If you've ever had really, really bad food poisoning then you'll know what it's like to have bile in your mouth. That soapy taste and feeling is unmistakable.

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