WARNING: Word App for IPad/Iphone: Upgrade Issued 10.04.17: Disables ALL Edit/Create Document Functions. Subscription Required to Access πŸ˜–

Hi All

The title tells the tale πŸ˜–.

I installed the update issued on 10 April and now cannot create documents, edit existing documents, copy and paste within word...and on and on...

The only functionality I am left with is read and copy and paste to external platforms (only tried HU - works there - not sure if actions retained in other platforms).

Word is now totally useless for even my basic requirements. What's more, everything I have collected and saved for use on the forum cannot be edited....and I can't add new documents. So as a place to collect and organise material on an ongoing basis - useless.

Unless...I pay a subscription...minimum £4.99 per month 😑.

Rant over...just wanted to warn you all in case you use what was the FREE Word App.

So...if you use this App and want to retain access to your current files/functionality...don't install the upgrade unless prepared to pay the monthly (hijack/blackmail - or should I say filemail) fee.

Thoroughly disgusted and not a little annoyed.


P.s. Would love to hear if anybody can recommend something that will do the same job - and also allow copy and paste of hyperlinks πŸ™ƒ

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  • Foggyme,

    Helvella and AussieNeil know their way around apps and stuff.

  • Thanks Clutter. Just posted this in the Admin Forum...in case Admin's want to inform their own forum members.

    Just can't believe that they've used an inoccuous looking routine upgrade to effectively lock current users out of existing work!

    Shameful...and I'm still ranting...


  • As if Microsoft is scratching about for a bit of profit. That's abominable Foggyme. Can you reset or restore your 'phone to an earlier time like with a PC?

  • Genius idea clivealive. Would have to restore iPad and iPhone to factory settings and then reinstall back-up from iTunes or iCloud...and hopefully get back to the previous (free) version of Word.

    Trouble is, I'm bad πŸ˜‰...not backed up for several months so will have to try and work out what I could lose in the process...

    Have Mobisystems Officesuite pre-installed on iPad (never used) so looking to see if I can transfer every thing into that instead...and also see what the limits are before that has to be paid for too! πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

    Oh joy...just when I thought I had it sorted πŸ˜–πŸ˜„

  • Can you save everything you've got to a flash drive? I'm not computer literate - just a user.

  • Hi clivealive. Sorted...tried everything...flash drive too - but problems since copied everything - not flexible enough to,just copy what I needed, so got the program I didn't want to. Or perhaps I'm just stupid and didn't know how to do it πŸ˜–πŸ™ƒ.

    Ended up laboriously transferring everything to Mobisystems Officesuite - annual fee of Β£12.99 if I have to upgrade in the future (much less expensive than Word @ Β£59.88 upwards - yikes).

    Now I just have to do research papers πŸ˜¬πŸ™ƒ.


  • You're certainly not stupid Foggyme and I guess we all click on the wrong button on occasion. I remember I clicked on the Amazon Prime link by mistake (I was next to the log out) and the Β£75 annual charge hit my credit card before I'd blinked. Fortunately I check my finances every day (the same as my electricity and gas meters - well I was an accountant... :) ) and got it cancelled and credited within the time limit.

    I'm a real "cheapskate" as I'm still using "Word 97" which contains my 360,000 words and pictures, four volume autobiography and to be honest it's a version I much prefer to use rather than the latest ones.

    My firm introduced computerisation in the very early 1980s and as the company's book-keeper I was heavily involved although in those days we worked off terminals - no PCs, lap tops etc. One day the Computer guy asked to "borrow" my terminal to type a memo. I sat fascinated that he could fill a whole page with words whereas I was restricted to only filling in "fields" so I asked him how he was doing it. It was a word processing package. "Do you want it on your menu?" he asked and from that moment I fell in love with WP and went and bought the earliest version of Amstrad's machine to use at home where the whole family hammered until we literally wore the letters off the keys. Pre Windows, along came "Wordstar" "Lotus", "Word Perfect" and then Microsoft Word.

    After the death of my wife in 1992 I determined to write down my "memoirs" for my two daughters and I doubt I could have done it without Microsoft "Word".

  • Hi clivealive. Yep...I nearly got caught by the Prime thing! And oh for good old word 97...best ever. And bring back Windows XP...I hate Windows 10...no logic to it...I hate not being able to see things in an organise tree structure...makes no sense.

    Cheapskate - I'm with you...would 'downgrade' to Word 97 if I could πŸ˜„.

    Seems to me 'progress', in an IT sense, is often predicated on how much money can be squeezed from new products.

    Like you, I can remember when WP's were first developed - remember vividly first seeing Word - with colours, pictures and menus - wow. What a difference to DOS!!

    Remember when my husband had his first portable PC - it was the size of a family suitcase and he had to lug it to London on a trolley. Heavyweight ha ha activities.

    Really impressed with the memoir writing Clive...what a lovely thing to do for you family πŸ˜„. A splendid way of ensuring that you'll be Clivealive at 165...and onwards ad infinitum...so yay to that.


    P.s. Excuse us all...way off topic...but it's nice to talk πŸ˜„

  • I remember the first "stand alone" PC the company had which had two 5" floppy drives, one which held the software program and the other the work being done. What a palaver and yes too the early "Luggables" :),

    I guess I'm fortunate that I still have the original disks from when I bought a machine with Windows 98 which included "Word 97" so whenever I upgrade the PC/Laptop it comes along with me.

    You can still download it online and I think CNET is a trustworthy site. Ignore the headline about hyperlinks and look down the side to download 97


    Have a good day

  • Thanks for the link Clivealive...didn't know it was still available.

    But guess what...my laptop (Windows 10) is refusing to let me download it...simply states that this package is not 'supportable'...or weasel words to that effect. Designed, I expect, to ensure that people have to pay for a newer WP package πŸ˜–. Oh what costly tricks...

    The good day you wished is now yesterday...and yes, it was good. You have a good day today, and tomorrow...ad infinitum πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„


  • What about Word 2010 - I've got that too but then I've stuck with Windows 7 and refused 10. There are also Word up to 2016 you could try them. I guess they'll catch up with me any day soon.


  • Have yo looked at Apple's 'Pages'? It can import and export Word docs. Just a one-off payment of Β£9.99

    I'm thinking of trying it out to use the LaTeX functionality (used for doing scientific stuff).

  • Thanks Eaoz. Will check it out πŸ‘

  • Rats! Needs iOS 10, which is too much for my ancient iPad.

  • Indeed...same here. But I can get it on my phone...but can't do 'Admin' functions on phone...so have to use iPad.

    Hmm....dreaming of something less ancient πŸ‘

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